Would you Rather Have More Space or Live in a Nicer Area?


Whether you are renting or buying a house, you often face similar dilemmas. One such dilemma comes when you are forced to choose between renting or buying a house that has plenty of space – both indoor and outdoor – versus one that may be in a better location.If you want to live in a really nice area, then this is likely going to cost you a lot more money and the thing that usually has to be sacrificed for you to remain within your budget is space. So which would you prefer to have? Would you rather have more space, or would you rather be better located?

Personally, for me, I’ve always preferred to live in a bit of a nicer area and sacrifice on space. Don’t get me wrong, I really couldn’t live in a box but I’d rather have a little less space than live in an area where I really don’t feel comfortable living. Of course, many people would argue that it is possible to find a happy medium, if you were only to look hard enough. While this may be true, it certainly does seem to be getting harder to do this – at least it is in the UK where I live – as house prices and rents continue to rise. The sheer demand for property in this country is meaning that more and more people have to make big decisions on what sacrifices they are willing to make.

What about sacrificing on lifestyle?

There’s another question we could ask here too which I feel is relevant to the argument, this being ‘what else would you be willing to sacrifice in order to get the property you want, in the area that you want?’ The best of both worlds as it were.

Would you be willing to sacrifice your holiday abroad each year in order to live your day to day life in a house that you’re happy with? Would you be willing to take on a second job to achieve the same thing, even if it meant that you weren’t actually spending all that much time at home as a result? There are many, many things that could possibly be sacrificed in order to live in a better house in a nicer area, but would you be willing to give them up? Or, would you rather just live in a smaller house or in a not so nice area if it meant that you could maintain a better overall lifestyle?

As we can see then, most of us have big decisions and choices to make when it comes to buying or renting a home and they are by no means easy decisions to make. I find it fascinating when I hear how different people can have such vastly different views as to what is most important to them when it comes to this subject.

So what is most important to you personally? Would you rather have more space or live in a nicer area? Or, would you prefer to have both of these perks and sacrifice on lifestyle instead?

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  1. Caleb says:

    This is a great question and one that many couples/individuals are contemplating on a daily basis. I know I had to. This is why it is so important that young people begin planning for this stage in their life early. Hopefully, with planning and some determination, you won’t have to make the decision on either living in the house you want and having to take on a second job or make ends meet, compared to buying a home in an area you don’t want to live to have more money. If you are in this situation, don’t make a rash decision. Always think about the pros and cons of each circumstance. Yes, you will have to make some sacrifices, and compromises, but you can find the best situation for you. Good article. It gives young individuals a lot to think about.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Thanks Caleb! Yeah it’s certainly a decision that requires a lot of thought and if you can make good decisions while you’re young then it should hopefully make the situation easier later on in life.

  2. Shelly says:

    I’m having a hard time deciding between the two. In Canada, I would say nicer area for sure. But when we rented in Panama, to stay within our budget, we rented in what some people called the ‘hood’ I always felt safe in the area, but it was a little run down. On the flip side we met some fantastic people and our Spanish improved immensely! I guess for me, it would depend on where I’m in the world at the moment.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Hey Shelly! Yeah I’ve lived in different areas in my life and have certainly found that people tend to interact more in so-called ‘run down’ areas. This isn’t always the case of course but it has been my experience. I’ve yet to live abroad but I’ll keep your words in mind if I ever do!

  3. Another UK reader here and I can second what you’re saying about British house prices. Infact, we recently moved (blog post to follow shortly) and opted for a better location but slightly smaller space. We’re so glad we did.

    After carefully weighing up the options we have moved to the countryside, in a lovely rural area, close to both our places of work. We’ve left the town behind which, whilst cheaper, really wasn’t a very pleasant place.

    Given the choice, as Kirsty and Phil would say, it’s about “location, location, location”.

    • Adam Buller says:

      We’ve thought about moving to the countryside too Richard as we have some lovely areas not all that far away from where we live now. The problem we have is that we don’t really want to change the kids school and we have it so easy being close to everything right now. We still haven’t ruled it out, though. Look forward to reading your post!

  4. I’m currently in this dilemma!

    We have been given notice to move. We currently live in a very nice area (but rent is reasonable for the south east as the transport links aren’t amazing) and we live in a small property. However, we now have a baby so more space would be better but having grown up in a less desireable area I would prefer that my child was brought up in a nice area. That said, if a great property became available for a good price I could be tempted into renting in a less desireable area.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Hope you manage to find a suitable solution Victoria. It really is frustrating when you’re happy where you are but don’t have the choice to stay, I feel for you on that one! Oh, and congrats on the new addition. 🙂

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