Will Getting Wealthier Make You Healthier?


Have you ever noticed how so many wealthy people live to ripe old ages? John D Rockefeller lived to 97, Henry Ford got to 83 and Andrew Carnegie reached 83. Even the richest fictional characters like Smaug, Carlisle Cullen and Scrooge McDuck tend to be old and healthy.

So, in what way could getting wealthier help you to become healthier?

Afford Better Health Care

If you have ever been sick and short of money then you will know how horrible a situation this is. Having the cash to get the right treatment when it is needed is one of the most important benefits of not being poor. If you can afford a private clinic with top class doctors then you are going to be even more confident about getting well soon. It is impossible to know the exact number of deaths and serious illnesses caused each year through a lack of money. However, it seems safe to assume that many more people could enjoy far longer lives if they had more money. One of the few studies I could find on the subject was from Harvard University a few years ago, and they said that a lack of health insurance was responsible for 45,000 deaths each year in the US. In fact, the study said that there is a 40% higher risk of death if you are of working age and don’t have private health insurance.

Eat Better Food

I can safely say that as I have earned more money over the years I have improved my eating habits as well. One of the sad things about modern diets is that the cheapest foods are often the poorest. It can work out a lot cheaper to live on cheap frozen meals or fast food takeaways than to buy fresh ingredients. As soon as my monthly budget allowed it I began to shop for relatively expensive, healthy food like avocado, salmon, quinoa, and that kind of thing. The food that you eat is so important that you should dedicate as much of your income to it as possible. Interestingly, in developed countries we spend a far lower percentage of our earnings on food. In fact, we also currently spend a lower percentage on our food than previous generations did. In the 1960s people spent 17.5% of their income on food while we currently spend under 10%. By swapping a few cheaper items for more expensive, healthier items each month you can improve your health along the way.

Stay Healthy at Home

As we get older is also becomes more important to have the money to stay healthy at home. This means being able to heat the place first of all. Some cold-related deaths at home during the winter months could have been avoided if the person had been able to afford to turn on their heating more often. Being able to stay comfortable over a few cold months can be a huge challenge for someone on a tight budget. Of course, if you have the money to do it then you could do what the stars do and head somewhere warmer over winter. Getting away from the cold weather like this can help to keep you healthy all year round and also make you feel more active.


Money isn’t the solution to all of our health issues but having enough of it can ensure that we stay healthier for longer.

2 Responses to Will Getting Wealthier Make You Healthier?

  1. SavvyJames says:

    There is definitely a strong relationship between fiscal and physical well-being.

  2. Indeed it’s good to eat healthy foods to avoid medical expenses as say goes prevention is better than cure .

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