Why You Should Travel Before You Get Rich


If you aren’t currently rich then you probably plan to be so at some point. You might also be planning to travel in the future too.

It makes sense to wait until you are rich before going travelling. Or does it? What about the reasons for travelling before you get rich? There are a few of these reasons that are worth stopping to think about.

It Lets You See a Different Side of Life

Travelling on a tight budget and travelling with a lot of cash are two completely different things and are going to lead to very different experiences. No matter how much you try to “rough it”, once you are rich you are going to miss out on a lot of the things you would have done with less money. This means that getting away before you make a lot of money is likely to be a memorable, one off experience that you will never forget. Staying in over-crowded dorms, eating in dirt cheap restaurants and travelling everywhere by bus means that you are going to get into some interesting situations and meet lots of people. Travelling with a bigger budget is also fantastic but in a different way. Travelling with serious money in your account is likely to give you a more comfortable time but you might miss out on some simple pleasures such as speaking to the locals.

It Gives You Complete Freedom

One of the struggles that many of us face once we start to earn money is that of not letting our possessions own us. As we get a house, a car and lots of belongings it is increasingly difficult to feel that sense of incredible freedom that we had when we were younger and less wealthy. Travelling when you have a house and commitments is possible but you might never quite manage to completely forget about the things you have left behind. On the other hand, if you get away for some adventures before have many possessions then you can enjoy an immense sense of freedom. It could turn out to be the time of your life when you most feel the freedom and limitless possibilities of life. This is the kind of amazing feeling that we should all experience at least once in our lives.

It Might Help You Get Rich

Getting out of the routine and travelling can affect us in a number of different ways and it can also affect our finances differently too. For instance, it is possible that you spend more than you had planned and take years to pay it all off. However, it is also possible that travelling at this stage of your life helps you to increase your wealth in the future. There are a few different ways that travelling can help you get rich, from the skills you learn and the people you meet to the confidence that you pick up along the way. There is simply no way of knowing beforehand how the whole thing will affect you in this or any other way. It is certainly possible that you look back on it in the future and realize that travelling on a tight budget was the start of a positive change in your financial life for one reason or another.

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  1. SavvyJames says:

    “Travelling on a tight budget and travelling with a lot of cash are two completely different things and are going to lead to very different experiences.” Absolutely. I have done both and couldn’t agree more.

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