Who Has Made the Biggest Fortune from YouTube?


We all love watching videos on YouTube but who has made the biggest fortune from it? There are lots of people who have earned a lot from the videos they have uploaded and some of them are very surprising.


Providing commentary to video games might not sound like a lucrative career but this guy has done very well out of it. Mitch Hughes is a Barbadian-Canadian who comments on Call of Duty and Minecraft games. He has over 3 and a half million subscribers and is said to earn up to million a year from YouTube. The list of the richest YouTube stars contains a surprisingly high percentage of people giving video game commentary so clearly there is a huge market for this stuff.


This comedy duo earned anything up to $46 million each year and have close to 28 million subscribers and billions of total views. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the guys behind this YouTube sensation. They have a number of channels and are known for their pop culture and game parodies. There is even talk of them moving onto television at some point. To date they have brought out video games and apps as well as videos.


You may remember seeing in the news recently that one of the most mysterious YouTube stars was finally possibly outed. DisneyCollectorBR is famous for simply opening new Disney toys in front of the camera. It has proved to be wildly successful, with over 5 and a half billion views bringing the star an estimated $5 million in annual income, although some sources suggest an annual income of over $10 million. After years of speculation it was recently suggested that the hands and voice belong to a retired Brazilian living in Florida.

Epic Rap Battles

This strange series of videos involves famous people from history getting involved in rap battles. Lloyd Ahlquist and Peter Shukoff are the brains behind it, and it is has made them a fortune. With 14 million subscribers and billions of views, it is thought that Epic Rap Battles has brought in $2 million or more for them in the last year.


At one point Chilean German Aranis had the third most subscribed channel on YouTube. In fact, his total of 20 million subscribers is more than the entire population of his country. His comedy videos and good nature mean that non-Spanish speakers follow him. He earns maybe $3 million every year in this way.


In 2011 this YouTube star had 6 of the 20 most viewed videos on the site. His Equals Three series was a huge success and went well over the 2 billion views mark. He has continued to diversify with different types of video and is thought to earn maybe $3 million each year from this.


One of most spectacular YouTube successes in recent years has been that of PewDiePie. He is a Swedish video producer who goes by the name of Felix Ulf Kjellberg. In 2013 this guy’s channel became the most subscribed on YouTube. Currently, he has more than 36 million subscribers and has had more than 8 billion views, making his the most viewed channel of all time. His reviewing of games had led to many of the titles he features growing vastly in popularity. His legion of followers is called his Bro Army and his influence on teenagers is said to be greater than that of many mainstream TV and film stars. As for the money, it has been suggested that he earns up to $18 million each year for his comedy videos.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Where are you getting your numbers from? I realize you’re probably just going for sole channels but there’s a few bigger names that have made more money because they started to develop other talent and branched out into multi channel networks. One of the biggest, Maker studios ended up being bought by disney for $500-950 million dollars depending on how they do in the next few years. I’m pretty sure they’re behind pewdiepie and epic rap battles. The Defranco network was another that was sold to Discovery for an unknown sum.

  2. There are lots of YouTube sensation nowadays! I always watched Youtube videos especially those pranks and funny videos.

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