Where Would You Live if Money Was No Object?


It can be good fun to think about what you would do if money was no object, can´t it? Sure, you would buy an amazing sports car, get a whole new wardrobe sorted out and do all the things that you have always wanted to do. The list is pretty long if we are being completely honest.

However, what about the most important things of all, such as where you would live? If you suddenly earned a fortune then would you be tempted to move away from where you currently live? If so, what are the best options?

A Private Island

You may have read recently about how it is possible to buy a private island at a relatively reasonable price, as well as there being incredibly expensive one’s available too. There are lots of sites online showing you islands you can buy, so I am guessing that this is something that is more common than you might think. At the cheapest end of the market, I found the likes of Porcupine Lake Island in Nova Scotia. For a mere $58,000 you can get 3.88 acres of prime remote island. Other low cost options include Kastawei Island in Vanuatu. It is less than an acre in size but in 2013 it was up for sale at $199,000 and looks stunningly pretty. If you want to pay more for your island privacy then you could consider splashing out $25 million on Katafanga Island. This is apparently one of Fiji´s last freehold islands and covers 225 acres of beautiful land. There are private islands for sale all over the world and, as we have seen, they vary widely in price. One of these could be a perfect getaway from the world but I can´t imagine being on one for too long without getting just a bit bored.

A Tropical Paradise

If a private island isn´t right for you then what about heading off to a tropical paradise to live? Maybe Rio or Costa Rica or somewhere pretty in Thailand. Sitting about on the beach drinking cocktails and occasionally splashing about in the water sounds like heaven. Of course, this is a smart move if you want to beat the stress and maybe get some good weather to cure health problems. However, might you get bored after a while if you are used to a more hectic lifestyle? There is only so long that cocktails and warm tropical water can keep you happy. Admittedly, that is quite a long time but at some point you might find that you long to go home. I guess this is why so many rich people have homes in different parts of the world, so that they can move round when they feel like a change of scenery and pace of life.

Right Where You Are Now

Perhaps you would feel happiest staying right where you are now, close to the family and friends you have spent your life with so far. This might sound just a little bit boring at first but is it? You could still head off on vacation whenever you wanted to and you would have people around you to stop you from getting lonely. The idea of maintaining my current home and having vacation properties around the world certainly sounds to me like a way of getting the best of both worlds. Now all I need to do is earn the millions of dollars needed to make this dream come true.

What would you do if you had the money to live anywhere you wanted to?

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