What’s Stopping You From Investing?


We all know deep down that investing is something we should do. After all, this is the only way other than working that most of us are going to earn money during our lives.

If we decide not to ever invest money then we miss out on a huge possibility to multiply our earnings. So, it is worth considering what it is that stops people from investing and trying to make more money.

Fear of Losing the Money

Perhaps the biggest factor of all for most people is the fear they feel. If you have worked hard to put away some money the last thing you want to do is lose it all on a bad investment. As well as ending up financially worse off, you are also sure to feel really bad if a wrong decision makes you lose your money in this way. Of course, there is also the worry of being ripped off or of realizing that you don’t know much about investing and feel way out of your depth. With there being so many things to be afraid of it’s no wonder that so many people end up doing nothing, isn’t it? Well, if we take the same view on other things in life then we’ll end up never driving again, never crossing the street and basically spending all of our lives indoors under a blanket. Sure, investing is a risk but there are ways of minimizing it by doing lots of research and choosing the sort of investment that has the right risk level for you. At the end of the day, there is always a risk attached to having money as you could lose it through fraud, robbery, a financial crisis or any one of a number of other ways. The right type of investment for you might not involve any greater risk than leaving the money in your everyday account.

A Lack of Information

Maybe you really want to open a trading account and invest your money but feel that you lack the necessary information to do this. If you’ve never invested in your life then this could seem like a mysterious, murky world filled with strange names and acronyms that mean very little to you. The truth is that anything new that you investigate is sure to seem strange to you at first. Try looking up some basic car maintenance tips, interior decoration advice or some other subject that you aren’t familiar with and you are sure to come across terminology you aren’t familiar with here as well. The good news is that the internet is here to help us. If you come across something you aren’t sure of then a quick look online should be enough to give you the answer. These days saying that we lack information on any subject is really just an excuse for not doing something rather than a valid reason. If you want to invest then you can find out everything you need to know online, from reviews of popular online brokerage accounts like TradeKing and Motif Investing, to popular investment strategies for beginners. All of this will help you to get started very easily.

A Lack of Money

Finally, could it be that you feel that you don’t have the money to make any investments? This sounds pretty sensible. If you struggle to get by as it is then how are things going to be if you invest money as well? Of course, we could turn the whole thing around and say that the reason for investing in the first place is to make more money. If you are struggling just now then couldn’t some smart investments give you the promise of a brighter future? This could be especially important for you if you haven’t yet worked out how you will finance your retirement years.

What has stopped you or is currently stopping you from investing?

14 Responses to What’s Stopping You From Investing?

  1. Zach says:

    What’s stopping me is the worry that I will need that money relatively soon. I don’t want to invest anything that I’m not certain I can leave alone for at least 5 years.

  2. Nicola says:

    Mine is that I make a mistake and lose money I can’t afford at the moment – I need to do more reading and research before I take the leap!

  3. kammi says:

    I LOVE investing. It’s FUN! I love looking up the charts and numbers and looking up rates at different institutions for comparison. I love reading the articles that go hour by hour and the comments (ha). I guess it’s because I’m young, and I have that ‘nothing to lose’ mentality. I spread my money across several accounts and compare and contrast, so I never really feel like I can just ‘lose it all’ in one go. You can ALWAYS make more…there is NOT a shortage of money in this world (well, I guess FIAT), and there is a JOY in knowing that you took a small amount and made it worth more. What I HATE is my money just SITTING there, just stagnating. Nothing makes me angrier.

  4. The one thing I tell those afraid of losing money investing is that if you are putting your money into a savings account, you are losing money too. While your balance stays the same, with such a low interest rate, you lose purchasing power every year. At least with investing, you don’t lose money every year..assuming you actually stay invested for the long term.

  5. I think it’s a lot of fear of the unknown. Either not knowing where to start or being afraid of losing their money like you said. It takes a certain amount of courage to initially start investing.

  6. Chris says:

    i do invest currently but not nearly as much as I would like. Student loan debt is the largest hurdle that we are currently encountering.

  7. Sarah says:

    We just took the plunge last week! We’ve always had 401k plans through our company, but now that we’re both self-employed we wanted to do more. This was a long time coming and we’re happy to finally be on board. While we don’t really know what we’re doing, the only way to really learn is to dive right in!

    Thanks for the post!!

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