What Would You Change About Your Working Life If You Could?


As nice as it would be if everything could go the way we wanted it to in life, we all know that most of the time it just isn’t quite that simple.

However, let’s assume that you are given the chance to ask for one change to your way of working. What would you change about your working life?

More Time Off Work

Americans are among the people who get the fewest number of days of paid vacation in the whole world! Isn’t that quite a thought? The average number of days off that someone in the USA takes each year is around 10 (some sources suggest 12). Yet, in countries such as Sweden, the Netherlands and Brazil they get around 30 paid days off work each year. Most European countries are in the 20s, with the Brits averaging 25 days a year. What would you do with all of those extra days if you had them free instead of having to go into work?

More Money

Ok, so you liked the idea of getting more time off work? Well, what if you had the chance to get this but were then given the option of swapping those free days for some more money? It would be a tough choice for most of us, I reckon. If you are used to working hard with few days off over the year then maybe you will decide to go for the bigger salary. Having said that, wouldn’t you be just a little bit tempted to enjoy the extra leisure time instead of the money? Of course, those days off can cost money, especially if you have a family. This means that you could end up spending more money without earning anymore.

Less Commuting

I’ve been working from home from a while now, so I’ve almost forgotten how annoying it was to have to commute into the city every day. In fact, it wasn’t just annoying but it was also really expensive as well. The average commute to work in the USA is, according to the USA Census Bureau, 25.4 minutes. That seems like a reasonable length of journey, although there are clearly lots of people who travel for far longer than that each year. For instance, in some parts of New York City the average daily commute rises to over 46 minutes, while in and around San Francisco it gets close to this figure. If you travel the average figure then that adds up to 50 minutes a day, or over 4 hours a week. Away from the average figure we find that 10.8 million Americans travel for more than an hour to get to work each day. 600,000 are “mega commuters” who travel at least 50 miles or 90 minutes to get to work. How much time and money could you save by travelling less each day?

More Interesting Work

The last point is one which will strike a chord with a lot of people, I think. If you are relatively happy with your salary, your amount of leisure time and your commuting time then maybe you would settle for making your wish that of having a more interesting job. The good news is that if you are bored with your job then you don’t need to wait for the perfect job to arrive. In fact, you can set about making any of the changes listed here if you want to. A better working life is something we all deserve and it is definitely worth aiming for. If you aren’t happy with what you have just now then it’s time to take some action.

What aspect of your working life would you most want to change?

10 Responses to What Would You Change About Your Working Life If You Could?

  1. Mike says:

    You mentioned commuting. That may be the worst part of the job. The actual work is fine, but the ride in is terrible and just grinding along at 5 miles per hour wears you out before you even get in!

  2. Myles Money says:

    Commuting. I hate travel time. It feels like such a waste. That would definitely be on my hit list.

  3. Amos says:

    Luckily I am one of those who work from home. I think my priority would be getting a more interesting job. That would eventually add up to more pay maybe.

  4. I know this would be a nightmare to implement (if even possible at all), but I would love a job that pays based on TASKS and not on HOURS. I’ve worked too many jobs in the passed where I’d have nothing to do (even after asking for more work) and would have to sit in the office for hours (sometimes days) at a time with nothing to do. I couldn’t leave because I wouldn’t get paid, so instead I sat there wasting everyone’s time. But how cool would that be? I know personally, I’d work my little butt off to get everything done quickly (but done properly) so that I could enjoy my free time – and can still pay my bills.

    • Robert Bell says:

      Great idea Amanda. This is how some freelancers already work but could be difficult to implement in other types of work

  5. Jenna says:

    Since I’m self-employed right now, I have no commuting and interesting work. Right now the money is less but I’m hoping that will grow as well.

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