What Is Your Best Ever Investment?


There are some things which can be classed as fantastic investments and others which are pretty poor financial ideas.

Throughout our lives we all make good and bad investments. With a bit of luck and some good judgment you will make far more good ones than bad ones over time. I wonder what has been your best ever investment to date? Could it be in one of the following areas?

Your House

The home you live in is probably the single biggest investment you will ever make in your whole life. If you get it right then you can get decades of use out of it and end up with something worth far more money than you initially paid for it. When you look at it like that you begin to wonder why some people make such rushed decisions and only take into account superficial factors like the color of the walls and the length of the grass in the lawn. To make a fantastic investment in your property you need to find a place which is in the right location and ticks all the right boxes for growing in value in the future. In my case, I bought some land and then built a house on it about 5 years ago (The one in the image at the top of this post). This came after I had bought and sold a few properties in the conventional way and the time felt right for something different. Building my own house was hard, even if I didn’t do all of the work on it. However, I would say that this is easily my best investment ever on a number of levels.

Your Car

I am going to come right out and admit that I have never made a great investment with a vehicle. I have now bought 3 different autos and lost money on all of them. Of course, you expect to lose money on your vehicle over time but some people can wheel and deal in order to sell a car after several years of use without losing much at all. Having said that, the only way I can imagine this being your best ever investment is if you bought a beat up old classic car and turned it into something worth a lot of money.

On the Stock Market

Have you ever made a fortune on the stock market? I made some money on it a few years ago but they were shares which my company gave to me and which I just held onto long enough to make decent money on then. Identifying under-priced stock, buying it at the right moment and then selling it when the price is right is a lot more difficult.

Your Pension

Possibly the most important investment of your life is the pension you build up while you work. This is something which you should put some thought into and try to get just right. Working all your life and then retiring on a poor income must be a terrible thing to happen to anyone. The problem is that many of us don’t have a clear pension plan. I had an employer pension for a few years and then I contributed to one which didn’t perform very well for the short time I had it. In the end, I decided to try and build up an income source in another way and plan to buy some property to let out in the near future. Not everyone has to have the same pension plan but as long as you have one it needs to be one of the very best investments of your life.

6 Responses to What Is Your Best Ever Investment?

  1. This one’s easy for me to answer: our best investment ever was in our mortgage. Paying it off years early has saved us tons of cash. More importantly, no mortgage has freed us to do lots of things and make lots of decisions we otherwise wouldn’t have.

  2. moneystepper says:

    The only cars I’ve ever bought have been for less than £600, I’ve driven them for 2-3 years with minor repairs, and then resold them for around the same price. Compared to what other people spend, this was a winner for me!

    However, this still cost in MOTs, petrol, etc. 2 years ago, I sold my previous vehicle, and I bought a bike and have used it to cycle to and from work and for going wherever I need to go. I have spent maybe £100 on repairs, equipment and clothing in 2 years – which would have been about 2 months petrol for the commute to work. CHING CHING!!

  3. House is top of my list. Car? Nope, can’t drive. I don’t know if that is good. Stock market? Need to learn it. Pension? Working on it and I hope I’ll be good at it.

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