What Is the Best Career for 2015?


The start of a New Year is always a fantastic time to consider what you could improve in your life.

So what about getting a new job in 2015? If you feel that it is time for a new challenge or a bigger salary then maybe one of the following careers could be perfect for you.

Marketing Executive

This is a role that has seen a decent growth in the last few years and which can offer a very attractive salary too. Lots of companies are now looking for marketing executives and it is the sort of career you can try to enter without any specific qualifications or experience. This sort of job can involve a range of tasks, such as communicating with customers and making sure that your firm´s end product matches what the public really wants.

Software or Application Developer

This is another career that has seen a big rise in the openings posted in recent times. This can be a fantastic job for many people, as it offers the chance to be creative and can also provide a flexible way of living and working. Some of the most famous and successful people behind top software companies entered the industry without any relevant qualifications, although you would ideally want to get a college degree that helps improve your math as well as your computer programming. Of course, if computers are your passion then you will be happy spending a lot of your free time honing your skills anyway.

Registered Nurse

The US is seeing a big surge in health related openings right now, and that is something that is unlikely to change anytime soon. This role offers a better salary then you might think too. If you haven´t trained to be a nurse then you will need to spend some time doing this before you can get started. Otherwise, if you are a registered nurse who has turned their back on this career then maybe 2015 is the right time to get back to it again.

Sales Manager

Could you imagine using your skill, charm and intelligence to close big sales on a daily basis? The sales manager role isn’t right for everyone, but it is an extremely challenging and rewarding job for the right people. It is also one of the hottest and fastest growing careers right now. The right attitude can be as important as college qualifications in getting started in this career. You might find that your first salary is relatively low but with the chance to make a lot more on commission if you are successful. Sales managers are needed in many different industries, so it is possible to keep the role fresh by switching industries from time to time.

Occupational Therapist

The fact that the population is getting older all the time is given as one of the reasons why the career of occupational therapist is on the rise. You will need to get trained and pass a national certifying exam if you want to work in this role. However, it could be worth the effort to get a satisfying job with good long term prospects.

The Job You Really Want

No matter what the hottest jobs around are, the best new career for you still remains the one that you really want. If you can choose a career that suits you perfectly then you are far more likely to be happy doing it and enjoy it in the long term. That just leaves the financial side of things, which is one of the reasons many people don´t end up doing the job they want to do. However, unless you try you will never know whether it could work for you.

Are you thinking of changing jobs in 2015?

4 Responses to What Is the Best Career for 2015?

  1. My hubs is a software engineer/developer and he is absolutely happy with his work right now. He told me that he made a right decision for taking up a computer science degree.

  2. FinanceQA says:

    With our technology-driven world, a career in software or application development seems to be a sound choice. It also pays well and the language is accepted worldwide. I also know a few friends working as a developer while traveling the world. Quite an interesting and flexible job.

  3. Amos says:

    I am not thinking of changing my career any time soon but I can say that a career in software engineering or applications development is a good one in terms of work flexibility and salary.

  4. I think anything related to healthcare or computers/IT would be in demand both in 2015 and the years to come. Neither one of those industries are going anywhere anytime soon.

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