UK Property Investment: What Opportunities are Available?


If you’re looking for new investment opportunities within the property markets, then the UK could be a great option. This country can not only provide a variety of different types of property, there are also a number of areas and indeed markets that could turn out to be quite lucrative for those looking to gain a return on their investment.

What follows here is a number of examples of these investment opportunities, to give any would-be buyers a clearer idea of just what’s on offer in the UK.

Residential Property

Whether you’re buying a property that you want to renovate or you’re looking to purchase a portfolio of buildings to then let on a rental basis, you’re essentially spoilt for choice in the UK. From quaint cottages, to urban developments and residential flats there is an abundance of homes available around the country.

These can vary in price and cost though and certain areas are more sought-after than others. This article from the Telegraph can provide a useful insight into this though, as it lists ’20 property investment hotspots’ around the different counties. You can also seek investment property information and guidance from specialist sellers and agents.

Student Lets

The UK has a thriving and successful university system which proves attractive for both UK citizens and foreign students. There’s also a wealth of these academic institutes across most of the major cities meaning there’s a large market out there for student lets.

This high demand also comes despite fears that the Brexit decision would mean a lack of foreign investment, as it appears that student lets are particularly popular for overseas investors – as this article from The Guardian explains. This could also be good news for those with existing properties who may be unsure which direction to take with their portfolios.

Commercial Property

Finally, there’s also opportunities to invest in commercial property. The United Kingdom is also home to a variety of different industries and businesses needing everything from warehouses, to offices and storage units. With this though, you may need to carry out more market research to see what demand there is for commercial properties and facilities in your chosen areas. There are several important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the option of buying to rent or renting alone, or purchasing to make an investment on the property later down the line. In recent news, we have seen the property housing prices fall since 2012 and this might seem attractive to the investors looking for quick wins however don’t be so sure. Investing your money for a cheaper price, doesn’t mean you will always make a profit on the commercial property market. Consider billing implications, inflation rates and unpredictable future market dips.

However you decide to invest, a final tip for you would be to seek professional advice if you’re not 100% sure about the markets you’re choosing. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of the properties available, the possible tenants and of course the potential increase in value you might expect to see.

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