Tips for a Cheap and Cheerful Summer


Summer is my favorite time of year but it can also be the most expensive. There is so much to do at this time of year that it is easy for the money to just dribble away on ice creams, vacations and all sorts of other fun stuff.

So how can you have fantastic summer this year that doesn’t cost you as much as you think it will? The truth is that it isn’t all that difficult.

Forget the Air Conditioning: Open Your Windows

When it starts to get hot and stuffy indoors the simplest thing to do is turn up the air conditioning, right? Actually, it is usually far better to just open your windows and let a natural breeze cool the place down. Give it a try and you might be surprised at just how much more refreshing this approach is. It’s free as well, of course. When it comes to driving in your car the matter is a little more complicated. Some people say that air conditioning gives you greater fuel efficiency at high speed while rolling the windows down is better at low speeds. Other studies have found that rolling down the windows is always the best bet.

Dust Down the Bike

Summer is a fantastic time of year to get out and see some of the countryside around you. If you want to keep costs low then getting out on your bike is a wonderful way of doing this. If you haven’t used it for a while then why not dust it down and give it a try? This can turn out to be a very good way to travel for free, get some exercise and enjoy summer in a more interesting way. If you have a family to plan weekend trips with then this is one of the finest ways of getting them all out and spending time together.

Try Camping

Sure, staying in a smart hotel down by the beach would be a great idea. If it had a pool, a few restaurants and Wi-Fi then even better. Sadly, spending a week or two in a hotel can be terribly expensive, especially at this time of year when everyone wants to do the same. A better idea for cutting down on your costs is to go camping. This is usually a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel and can be a lot more exciting as well. This is a highly recommended approach for families heading off with their kids, as it is excellent value and makes for a real summer adventure as well. You have a couple of different ways of doing this. You could either look for a free place to camp in the wilds and more or less rough it, or else you could look for a good value campsite with a decent range of facilities.

Make Some Home Made Drinks and Ice Cream

You could also end up spending a lot of money over the course of the summer in terms of food and drinks. If you are anything like me then when the sun comes out you drink lots of liquid and think almost constantly about the multiple benefits of eating ice cream. Of course, the cheapest thing to cool down with is tap water but there are other options as well. For example, homemade lemonade or orange juice is incredibly simple to make and will keep you refreshed in a healthy way. You could also make homemade ice cream or popsicles if you like. These are fun things to create and kids can have a great time making a bunch of them with their favorite flavors.

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  1. Summer just ended in our country, during last summer, we went swimming with my family. We had barbecue, we also made our own drinks, we had really a good summer.

  2. Erastus says:

    In my country the climate is same so we don’t have summer, autumn, winter or spring. My previous vacation we happened to camp at Nairobi National Park where we could here lions roaring and walking just outside our tents at night. It was that fun.

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