The Things You Pay Other People for Which You Could Do Yourself


Being smart with your money doesn’t always mean doing everything yourself. Sometimes it can be a better use of your time to pay someone else to do some stuff for you. Having said that, there are some jobs which it definitely pays to do yourself.

Little Repair Jobs at Home

Is it really worth getting a plumber in to fix a dripping faucet or getting a plasterer to fix a bit of damaged wall? These are little jobs which probably won’t take you too long to carry out yourself and which can be hugely satisfying as well. Even if you don’t have the faintest idea how to get started you will find all the instructions with videos and photos you could need on the internet. Once you see these instructions you will realize that it is fairly quick and easy to do most little repair jobs about the home. In many cases the materials only cost a few bucks but if you were to hire a professional to do the work it could work our very expensive for you. No home is free from little jobs needing done on a regular basis, so if you do them all yourself then the savings will add up over time and you will get more confident about doing these things yourself instead of paying someone else to do them.

Mowing the Lawn and Painting the Fence

There are a number of what we might call seasonal maintenance jobs which you could also do. Things like mowing the lawn and painting the fence are good examples of these. The cost of these jobs might not seem like much but they add up over the course of a year or two. Apart from the financial aspect, there are some other benefits to doing these jobs yourself. As well as the personal satisfaction you get from carrying them out there is also the fresh air and exercise you will get while doing them. These are jobs which need little or no skill or experience on your part. In fact, these can be great jobs for switching off and just relaxing while you do them. Because they aren’t usually urgent – unless you have really let things get out of hand – you can fit them in around your life and do them whenever it best suits you to do so. Many people find that Sundays are the best days for this kind of job but you shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure to do them on a certain day.

Car Maintenance and Repairs

Your car is another of the things which probably eat up a lot of your money unnecessarily. Sure, there are plenty of jobs which you need a professional mechanic to carry out but not all of them. For example, if your car doesn’t start one morning you could go online and try to work out what the problem is before you think about calling for help. Staying on top of the regular car maintenance is something which is easy to do and it doesn’t usually need an expert hand to do it. This is the kind of thing you can do when you have a bit of spare time and want to keep the auto ticking over nicely. If you are serious about saving money on your car repairs bills then taking a short course on mechanics could help you do this even better. Of course, the more cars you have in your house the more you stand to save by carrying out your own repairs and maintenance on them.

10 Responses to The Things You Pay Other People for Which You Could Do Yourself

  1. Great list! I also think painting is something you can do yourself but many people hire out. It’s easy — albeit not that fun — to paint the interior of your home. Just turn on some music, put down some drop cloths and get to it!

  2. We live in a well to do area and we always see cleaning ladies, lawn cutting and landscape services, window cleaning etc come round each week.There are tonnes of jobs people can do at home themselves but pay someone to do so they can keep that time to themselves. I don’t, I’m too frugal I do it all on my own.

    • Robert says:

      Its all about priorities CBB. Personally, I like to do as much as I can rather than paying people to do something which isn’t really that difficult or time consuming

  3. Mark Ross says:

    Those really are the things where a person can waste some of his money. 🙁

  4. I do the most I can around the house and then farm out the rest. I figure that the cost of paying someone to do the job saves me money both in terms of not having to take the time to learn as well as having to fix what I ended up doing.

  5. Even eliminating the frugal and money saving angle, some of this home fixes are a fun way to spend a weekend or even doing something with kids, like painting the fence or plastering. Add to that the satisfaction of actually fixing something and its definitely worth the small time investment and effort.

    • Robert says:

      It is a hobby which is starting to grow on me Simon. Hopefully my little girl will be able to help me out soon too

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