The Things Lying Around Your House That Are Worth Money


Have you ever stopped to wonder how much cash you could get hold of by selling everything you own? It is an interesting thing to do and you might be surprised at the final total you get. Of course that could mean that you are surprised in a good way or in a bad way.

One thing for sure is that there are more things lying about your house which are worth money than you think. If you don’t believe me then here are some of the items to look out for.

Old Music

When was the last time you listened to a CD or – gasp – a vinyl record anyway? If you’re looking to make some extra money then these could well be worth something if you choose to sell them. You might as well upload them all to your PC, sell the physical records and gain a bit of extra space at home as well. Of course, if you worried about losing your precious Beastie Boys songs or your Vanilla Ice collection you could upload them to a cloud storage site as well. Even common as dirt CD’s are worth something but if you have a collector’s item at home then it could be worth a fortune. Vinyl records have been known to sell for thousands of dollars, so be sure to check yours out online before selling them for a few bucks. Signed records sell particularly well, although it should be the original artist who signed it and not your Uncle Joe when he gifted you it or a drunken relative at a party. An interesting example is the record John Lennon signed for Mark Chapman just before the madman went back and shot Lennon. It supposedly sold for a stunning $400,000.

Ancient Toys

Were you one of those kids who looked after their toys really well? In fact, did you go further and keep some of them in their original packaging? If you did then you could have a very nice sum of money waiting to be collected there. Collectible figures from Star Wars, a complete set of original Transformer or even some Cabbage Patch Kids could give your bank balance a real boost. Even something as seemingly innocent as an original Gameboy in perfect condition could rake you in close to $1,000. There might be a tear in your eye as you hand over a treasured toy but could you really afford to turn down money like that?

Seemingly Useless Gadgets

When you buy a new phone, a new games console or a new PC what do you do with the old one? That’s right; you shove it away out of sight and then completely forget about it. If you have a rare old gadget then it could be worth an absolute fortune. For example, an Apple 1 computer could easily net you something like $20,000 these days. Otherwise, you can still pick up a few dollars by selling your old stuff to someone who will salvage some parts from it.

Precious Metals

What about the old rings, necklaces and earrings you have lying about the house? In order to get a good deal on these things you will need to do a bit of research and find out the current value of the precious metals you own.

Just About Anything You Don’t Want

Almost anything which you no longer want but which could still be useful to someone else has got a value. For instance, if your kids have grown up and you still have strollers and play pens about the place then someone else would be delighted to buy them off you. The same applies to old musical instruments, clothes, books and all of the other stuff that you thought was just taking up space.

Of course, you don’t have to keep all of the cash for yourself. If you read our blog regularly you will know that we are also fans of helping out charitably by making donations to worthy causes wherever possible, so why not donate some of the proceeds of your sale to charity? You can always decide to make a much larger donation as well. Believe it or not, there are plenty of organizations that will take old vehicles as a donation. Want to donate that boat taking up space in your garage? No problem. All you have to do is fill out a few forms and choose a charity for the proceeds of the boat. Additionally, this type of donation will translate into a significant tax write-off, so make sure to report it, as well as any other items you decide to give to charity this year.

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8 Responses to The Things Lying Around Your House That Are Worth Money

  1. I have some hoodies from my former place of employment. Sold them on ebay for $25 each!

  2. dojo says:

    Selling the ‘useless’ stuff is always a great idea. You never know when an item can get a nice price and, even if it sells cheap, the money you earn is extra money not something you pay off your pocket.

  3. I am not a compulsive hoarder who keeps things that are no longer needed but I never thought of making money out of them. I usually just throw them away. After this however, I might start to sell them instead. Thanks for making me realize there’s money in “garbage”.

  4. I’ve noticed older games and toys on Amazon by sellers listed as “collectibles” and asking hundreds of dollars for them. I don’t know how often or if they sell, but just selling a few old items like this would really bring in some cash.

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