The Smartphone Apps That Save You Money


Your phone is something which probably cost you a fair bit of money to buy and which carries on costing you cash every month. This can make it feel like a bit of a luxury but what if you could find a way in which your phone helped you save money? Maybe some of the following apps will help you feel better about owning such an expensive phone.

GasBuddy for Cheaper Fuel

The idea behind this money saving app is very simple; it searches across the US and Canada to find the cheapest place for gas near to where you are right now. You can see the results on a list or else you can look them up on a map. It is free for Android phones but costs $2.99 for iPhones.

Allpoint for Transaction Charge Free ATM Withdrawals

It is a horrible feeling to get charged by the bank for taking your own money out of an ATM. This can happen all too often when you are away from home and don’t know where to find an ATM belonging to your bank. If you are lucky your bank will have an app which helps you locate their ATMs. In all other cases you get the free Allpoint app to help avoid charges. This app will point you in the direction of the Allpoint ATMS which won’t charge you a surcharge for using them.

Yowza for Finding Deals

This is another app which is free to download and which can save you a good deal of money. It will give you details of current deals available where you live. A neat feature is the one which lets you ask to be updated when your favorite stores add on new coupons. You can also spread the word about the offers you find on here through Twitter, Facebook and email. Finally, you can keep track of the amount of money you have saved by using the coupons on here.

The Tip Calculator for Calculating Tips

This app seems a bit more whimsical but there are presumably people out there who have trouble working out how much to tip, especially when they are eating or drinking in a group. Well, for $0.99 you can get an iPhone app called Tip Calculator which does exactly what the name suggests.  You’ll never unknowingly over tip again.

FastMall for Better Mall Shopping

This is a fairly comprehensive app which lets you get around some of the world’s biggest shopping malls more smoothly. One of the best money saving features on it is the way in which it shows you the best current deals in the stores there. The fact that it has a strong community feel to it means that you can read user reviews to see how the different stores stack up.

RepairPal App for Cheaper Auto Repairs

If you sometimes worry that you pay over the odds for repairs to your car then this app will help you out. Whether you need major repairs, some minor work or a bit of roadside assistance you can get a quote from a local expert using RepairPal. It is free to download for both iPhone and Android users.

RedLaser for Cheaper Shopping

There are a few different barcode scanning apps around just now but RedLaser is one of the most well known ones. All you have to do is scan a product and see how much it costs elsewhere. Another feature allows you to order the products you want over the app and then go to collect them. It is free for Android, iPhone and Windows phone users.

So there we have it, a selection of some of the best money saving apps around. Now if I can only just find an app cleans the house, makes me a coffee and perhaps even generates some passive income, then I’ll be all set.

What apps have helped you save money? Or have you found one that makes money?

6 Responses to The Smartphone Apps That Save You Money

  1. Never heard of the red laser app. Sounds super useful!

  2. I use an app called scoutmob which gives you local restaurant deals depending on your location. Unfortunately, it only works in limited locations, but NYC is one of them, so works for me.

  3. We don’t have a smart phone, but I love the idea of the Gas Buddy app. Gas prices fluctuate quite wildly around here and I hate it when I fill up at one place and find another place 10 cents cheaper not too far away.

    • Robert Bell says:

      I wonder whether the savings made by these apps could outweigh the cost of the phone in any cases, Laurie? Has anyone else ever worked out the figures for themselves in this respect?

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