The Most Satisfying Things You Can Spend Money On


When you pay for something do you do it with a heavy heart or with a smile on your face? It probably depends what you are buying, I guess.

We all have certain things which we enjoy spending money on and other things which are a pain. Do you find the same things to be satisfying that I do?


For me there is absolutely no problem in spending a lot of cash on taking a trip. Good financial sense kind of flies out of the window when I plan some travelling, although I am trying to control this aspect of my finances a bit more. I don’t mean that I like to stay in 5 star hotels and eat out in luxury restaurants. Instead, I like to prolong my trips more than I had originally planned. Once I hit the road I just don’t want to go home again and end up looking to go further and stay away for longer. My wife is the same so sometimes we can end up spending double or triple what we had intended to do. Having said that, we have never got home complaining about how much we took out of the bank account while away.

Your House

Strangely, I used to hate spending money on my house but now I get a lot of satisfaction from it. I have spent the last few minutes trying to work out why this is. I reckon that this is because I have only recently moved into a house which I can see myself staying in for a long time. My previous homes have been places I bought as a financial investment and which I never really got emotionally attached to. This has now changed and I have now got to the stage in which I even get pleasure out of buying a tin of paint or a new carpet for it.  In the past I would have complained bitterly about every nail or screw I had to buy for my property.

Your Family

It might sound corny but for me there is nothing as satisfying as spending money on your loved ones. I constantly have to be careful not to spoil my daughter by buying here too many things. I know that giving too many material things to children isn’t a good idea but I can’t deny that I enjoy it. It is a great feeling to see her playing with a new toy or trying out a new piece of clothing for the first time. After all, if you can’t spend your money on your family what can you spend it on?

Eating Out

I never used to eat out all that much but lately I got a real taste for it. I grew up in the UK, where eating meals out in restaurants is an expensive business. This meant that I only ever ate out maybe a few times a year, other than in cheap places like fast food restaurants. However, I then moved to South America and discovered that eating out was really cheap here. Bizarrely, the international fast food chains are among the most expensive options in this part of the world. Eating out in a local restaurant is great value, on the other hand. For example, we went out for a meal today and it cost about $20 for a group of 5 of us to eat and drink well. Eating out too often can be extremely bad news for your monthly budget but if you can afford the occasional treat then it can be a hugely satisfying way to spend cash.

What else do you enjoy spending money on?

18 Responses to The Most Satisfying Things You Can Spend Money On

  1. Spending money on travel is definitely the most satisfying thing I can think of! I like eating out, too, but only on occasion. It’s a good way to celebrate something, so not doing it frequently keeps it special when we do eat out.

  2. Totally agree on traveling! That’s our main “entertainment” objective when we are able to put money aside.

  3. SavvyJames says:

    All four of the listed ways to spend money on are great. Outside of those, I also like to spend money on myself occasionally. This year, the one big purchase for myself was the Xbox One.

  4. I would love a holiday but due to my current status it’s just not a sensible choice for me. The only thing I can buy without feeling guilty is food shopping. Eventually this will change. I’m glad you can find satisfaction when spending on luxuries. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend on luxuries again soon.

  5. Krystal M says:

    Books! I love and have always loved reading. Words become alive to me while reading. I remember words and stories of childhood books as though they were in front of me today. A book is something that can last through generations, and can be shared and builds relationships between families who share common value systems. It can also be the key to making someone who maybe started out with less of a social advantage gain social mobility in society. It is also a way of sharing knowledge and different perspectives. I can never get enough of them (I bought eight alone this week and have over 2400 on my wishlist!)

  6. Usiere says:

    For me right now, it is spending money on things that increase my cash flow. In terms of luxury, vacations would be my number one. These one of those moments memories are made of

  7. What people view as satisfying for spending their money will vary on the person. For example, for me I view eating out as a complete waste of money. I love to cook, and can usually make something at home that’s better and cheaper than I can get at a restaurant.

  8. I agree with all of these! I love traveling, upgrading my house, spending on loved ones and eating really good food. My husband is a great cook so we don’t eat out often, but when we do it’s usually at expensive places. Sushi, Thai and fine-dining — can’t get enough! I’m trying to focus my spending on experience and investments instead of clothes, shoes and other things I don’t need. Much more satisfying!

  9. I am at my happiest too when spending for my family, particularly for my children. I come up with excuses when spending for myself but when it comes to my kids, if I can possibly go “sky is the limit”, I would!

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