The Hobbies That Could Make You Money


It is good to have a hobby but have you ever felt guilty about spending time doing something you enjoy instead of earning money? If you have then it could be time to try a different hobby; the type that could make you money as you do it.

Fixing Your Car

I have often thought about how good it would be to learn more about how my car works. Basically, if it doesn’t start by turning the key my options are limited to disconnecting then re-connecting the battery and then pulling out all the fuses before putting them back in again. Wouldn’t it be great to know a bit more about car mechanics and be able to fix the thing when it doesn’t start? One great benefit to learning how to look after a car is that it means that you have the option of buying cheaper vehicles in the future. You could also make money with this skill by fixing other people’s cars. Everyone knows that mechanics charge a lot of money to fix our cars so why not save on those costs and earn money as well?

Cooking or Baking

Are you a good cook? Even if you aren’t it isn’t time to give up yet. Anyone can learn how to make nice meals or desserts if they go online and check out some simple recipes. Once you are confident about your newly found skills you can then check out how to make them earn you money. People are always happy to spend on tasty food and it can be a bigger money spinner than you might think. You might set up some sort of restaurant or you might just sell cookies or some other treats to passersby or at work. It is a very flexible way of earning money and it is extremely satisfying to hear other people say how they love the way you or bake.

Learning a Language

Learning a second language is a fun thing to do and it is also increases your earning power. For a start, it opens up more different career possibilities for you. There are lots of jobs that look for bilingual workers even if you don’t want to become a teacher or translator. If you like the idea of teaching then becoming a personal tutor for business people interested in the language can work out very well financially.


Have you always considered yourself to do a talented artist? If you love painting then why not try and make money from this hobby? One of the big problems potential artists tend to find is that they lack the confidence to put their efforts on public display. A good idea is to show some of your artwork to friends and relatives in order to get some feedback and start to feel confident about selling your work.


This is similar to the last point but it is usually easier to get started in earning money from writing than it is with painting. This is because it is possible to work as a freelance writer while you build up your confidence levels. Of course, this means writing about what your client wants rather than what most interests you. However, with a bit of luck you will be able to earn a good amount of cash while doing something you enjoy and which helps you in the long run. It might be a stepping stone to writing your own best-seller or it might just turn into a very nice side job.

What hobby do you enjoy that could bring you in some extra money?

10 Responses to The Hobbies That Could Make You Money

  1. Great list! I think learning a language is an especially great one, as often people may be willing to pay for translator services as well.

  2. I know that I am good at handicrafts and other kinds of bric-a-bracs. I have always wondered how to turn that into a money-making hobby but I really don’t know how or where to start. To begin with, I don’t have a little extra that could serve as a capital.

    • Robert Bell says:

      Getting started is probably the most difficult part Jen.Hopefully you’ll get to give it a try someday.

  3. This reminds me of how I chose a career. I know I like several things, including fashion, working out, and finance. Well, the logical choice in terms of a professional career that allows for a traditional work-life balance is finance. For me, whenever I am choosing between things (whether it’s work, hobbies, or something else), I ask what is the potential earning component for each of my options. Often, I’ll go that route if I like the options equally.

  4. kammi says:

    I like woodworking, welding, sculpting, painting etc and have made some money here and there doing that (since I was 17). I’ve also done random graphic design, illustration, and even 3D modelling work as jobs here and there while working full time at a regular job. I’m still learning (my next step is to learn glass-blowing), but I’d like to continue for the rest of my life selling my stuff. I have friends who also teach or have a space for other artists and rent out the time to use the space or have events and charge for it, etc.
    I think it’s good to know how things work because it really helps you from being ripped off, too (eg. knowing how a car works, how a house is built, wiring a house works). I’m also joining an Engineering club soon where I heard they’re building a motorcycle from scratch (and I’m a girl 🙂 I’m really excited about that!

    • Robert Bell says:

      It sounds like you know a lot of useful stuff Kammi. As you say, it can help out in so many different ways

  5. I’m a technology guy, so I could certainly fix or upgrade people’s computers for some extra cash. I could also mow lawns, or even do catering of BBQ – although the last one would require a bunch of food related licenses and hoops to jump through.

    • Robert Bell says:

      Its good to know there are some things you enjoy that you could also make money from, isn’t it Brock

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