The Best Ways to Cut Down on Motoring Costs


For most of us one of our biggest monthly expenses is the maintenance and running of our cars. If you want to cut down on your motoring costs then doing so isn’t as difficult as you might think. The following are a few simple approaches to spending less on your motoring.

Be Smart About When You Drive

The simplest way to spend less money on your car is to use it less. Car pooling or car sharing is a great way of getting to work each day while spending a fraction of the money on fuel. If you have colleagues who live near you then it makes no sense for all of you to travel to work in your own cars instead of sharing. Alternatively, you could think about walking or cycling to work just one day a week in order to save some money and feel good about yourself as well. Making short journeys to the stores or wherever is also a bad habit which many of us could cut out if we tried.

Don’t Overspend on Fuel

Fuel sounds like the one area of your motoring costs which you simply can’t save money on, doesn’t it? However, your starting point here should be the price you pay for it. You could get a smartphone app which helps you work out where you can fill up most cheaply in your local area. One thing you shouldn’t do is go chasing cheap gas far away, as you will spend more on travelling to get it than you save with the lower cost. Apart from this, you can make some simple changes to use your fuel more effectively. For example, having properly inflated tires and driving with your windows up will help you use a little less fuel. Cutting down on the amount of time you spend idling will also help you spend less on gas.

Keep Your Car Well Maintained

One of the false economies which a lot of drivers fall into is that of spending less on maintaining their vehicle. In the long run this will lead to you having to pay out more on repairs, as wear and tear takes its toll on the car. A good idea here is to go online and learn some of the simplest and easiest maintenance tips for looking after a vehicle well. Most of these will take up very little of your time and could help you cut down on mechanic’s bills. Even when something goes wrong with the car you might find that you are able to fix it yourself without having to pay an expert to do it on your behalf. If you have never carried out any mechanical repairs in the past you could still check out a few internet sites and see if it looks like something you would be happy to give a try before handing it over to a mechanic.

Don’t Pay Too Much on Insurance

The cost of your insurance premium is another of the factors which could be higher than it needs to be. These days there is simply no excuse for paying over the odds when you can easily check out deals on the internet. Auto insurance companies all have different target markets, which is why some charge more than others for younger drivers or for older ones . There is no way of knowing if you have got the best deal possible or not without checking out a few quotes from other insurers and seeing whether it is worth your while making the switch.

8 Responses to The Best Ways to Cut Down on Motoring Costs

  1. Getting you car maintenance and tires check will surely help. But also being a good driver and actually looking out for your car in general. Some people just drive cars in the ground and wonder why they are always needing to get something fixed. Shop around for insurance quotes but make sure you are getting the same coverage in all aspects.

  2. Daisy says:

    Gas is so expensive, and I hate seeing my money go down the drain for crap like that. I try my best to cut the cost of my car.

  3. Great tips here, Adam. We’ve worked hard to put the above tips into place, and have lowered our gasoline bill alone by over $50 a month. Driving less and combining trips has been a huge money saver for us.

  4. Great tips Adam. Gas prices are increasing and we have our utmost priority to keep the overall car and travel related expenses down. I am going to put all the above tips in place as it our important goal for this month.

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