The Best Hobbies That Can Lead to an Exciting Career


Have you always wanted a more exciting career? There is a good chance that you have, as most of us dream of having a better job at some point.

In many cases, the best way to a new career is through a new hobby. By doing something for fun you can gain valuable experience and improve your prospects of making a career out of it.


It seems hard to believe but there are people who make a living out of surfing and other great water sports. There is a long standing professional surf tour you could try and join, while you could also think about becoming an instructor. Or what about opening up a surf shop or bar on a beach somewhere and making money from it while you enjoy the waves? The way to get started is to start getting out and surfing. If you like it enough to want to make a career of it then you will soon start to look for ways to make this happen. The financial rewards vary greatly in this sort of career. The top surfers get a minimum each year for taking part in the sponsored events and make money from sponsorship and finishing highly in the events. The very best surfers apparently make more than €300,000 each year.

Cartoon Animator

If you love drawing funny stuff then a career as a cartoon animator probably sounds ideal. There are plenty of opportunities these days, with many different companies looking for animators to make films, TV shows, advertisements and a lot more. Being good at drawing isn’t enough these days, especially since the animations are now often done using computer software. Instead, you will probably want to take a course on this subject and then practise as much as you can. The most recent average wage I could find for this role was for $69,560 in 2012.


Maybe you like painting or using some other materials to produce beautiful pieces of art. This is the kind of hobby that can give you years of pleasure but could you make a living out of it? While many artists carry on doing it as a hobby whether they would like to make money or not, there are many others who make good money from their artistic skills. The earnings from this type of job varies hugely. For example, according to some the world’s richest living artist is apparently Damien Hirst, with a reputed fortune of $1 billion. You will probably want to ally your natural talent to some studying, by taking an art course at some point. After that, it is a hard job to get your work noticed but perseverance can pay off eventually.

Clothes Designer

Does the idea of designing clothes for international fashion shows get you excited? If you love clothes and are creative then this could be a job you love. When it comes to the financial rewards, Miuccia Prada is rated as the current richest fashion designer, with a fortune of some $8.5 billion. I should say that there are various net worth figures floating around on the web so please only take these as a guideline. Other designers with huge wealth include Giorgio Armani ($7.8 billion) and Ralph Lauren ($7.5 billion).The average salary for this job is given as around $60,000. A range of skills are needed for this career, to make it work you will need to get started on practising all of them.

Fitness Instructor

Do you love keeping fit? Becoming a fitness instructor can be a great way of doing a job you enjoy and helping others at the same time. The average wage is given as just over $30,000. Of course, there are people who have gone on to become wealthy fitness gurus, such as Shaun Thompson ($10 million) and Jane Fonda ($120 million).

Have you ever considered turning your hobby into a career? 

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  1. This is a good topic to help people get a good side hustle based off a hobby. I believe the art stuff might be a bit harder to break through and make a living, as you need connections. But the instructor hobbies can be an easier barrier to entry.

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