Side Business Ideas #2 – Pet Sitting and Walking


When you start to think of new ideas for a money spinning side business it is always a good idea to think about what you are good at.

Sure, you might read online about some suggested ideas but what is the point of doing something if you have no interest in it or know that you wouldn’t be all that good at it?

However, if you love being with animals then maybe you could consider whether pet sitting or walking might be the ideal side business for you. So, what does it involve and what are the good points?

No Overheads

This is one of those great business ideas where you have no overheads to eat into your profits. Unless you need to travel far to get to the pets then every dollar you earn stays in your pocket. While this isn’t the most lucrative job in the world, the fact that there are no overheads means that you should be able to make a nice profit by doing this job. The rates on offer for this line of work vary greatly from one city to another, so be sure to do some research in order to get your pricing right and achieve the maximum profit.

Have Fun

A great thing about looking after animals is that it can be great fun if you go about the job in the right way. For example, if you get a client who wants you to take their dog for regular walks then this is fantastic for building up a bond with a pet and enjoying your time together. You could also look on it as being a chance to get some daily exercise and fresh air while getting paid for it. If you look at it in this way then it can be a real pleasure to head out and earn some money like this. What other jobs let you have all of this fun while earning?

Repeat Customers

One of the big advantages of pet walking is that you are likely to have a bunch of repeat customers. After all, very few people only want their dog to get some exercise a couple of times a year. Some people might want you to give their dog some exercise every single day, which means that you have got guaranteed income all week long. When it comes to dog sitting, this might be a more sporadic thing due to vacations and such like. However, if you do a great job then you can expect to earn a good reputation and get offers of work from friends and work colleagues of your customers. Even if just 10 people know about you and they each take one vacation a year then that can still add up to some good earnings.

Do Something Else at the Same Time

Obviously you will want to pay attention to the pets you look after and treat them well. Having said that, this is still a type of side business which lets you do other things at the same time. For example, if you are currently studying for an exam then you could do this while you listen to a lesson or something, or do some writing. It isn’t the type of job which requires your full attention 100% of the time as long as you are smart about it. This means that you can see this side business as something which brings in some extra money while you plan for the future. Of course, it could also be the case that you love doing this so much that it turns into something you want to do for a long time anyway.

Have you ever tried this side business idea?

6 Responses to Side Business Ideas #2 – Pet Sitting and Walking

  1. I can never hear about enough ideas for side-hustles. People tend to confine themselves into thinking that their primary career is the only way they can increase their income. There’s a whole world of side-hustles that you can grab a hold of and run with!

  2. I sooo love dogs and we have two at home that are treated like they’re family and I know I’d make a good pet nanny. That is, if pet sitting or walking is something we do here from where I come from. Maybe I could start a trend. 🙂

  3. I haven’t done this, but I’m hoping to do it at some point. I love dogs and that’s why this could be a perfect side business for me.

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