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When Does It Make Sense to Spend a Bit More?

It is a great feeling to find a bargain and save some cash. Yet, are there some times when it could make sense to spend a bit of extra money?

The truth is that there are definitely some occasions in which it is a smart move to increase your budget. The following are some of the situations in which the cheapest option isn’t always your best bet.

Washer and dryer in utility room

5 Unexpected Ways to Save Energy in the Winter

Most people use more energy in the winter because they run their furnace to keep their home warm. However, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your energy use. I’m not talking about adding insulation and other expensive home improvements, either. Here is a list of unexpected ways to save energy this winter.

Clogged HVAC System

3 Ways Dirty HVAC Systems Cost You Money

Throughout the year, your HVAC system works to keep you comfortable. With just a push of the button, your home is cool, hot, or just right. However, just because your system is out of sight and functioning normally doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. You should check it regularly and make efforts to remove dirt and dust that collect around it. Here are three reasons to keep your HVAC system clean and save money in the process.

Potential Financial Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a growing trend in the United States. That’s easy to understand — they are highly efficient eco-friendly machines, and can save more money than other heating and cooling sources, especially in the summer months. For homeowners who are concerned about energy costs or interested in a greener home, heat pumps offer a valuable alternative to the more expensive and energy-dense operations of a furnace or air conditioner.    

3 Ways Updating Your HVAC System Can Save You Money

Updating your HVAC system isn’t a high priority on many homeowners’ lists because of the complicated nature of the units and how difficult it can be to get to many of the components. However, updating your system and keeping it regularly maintained can help you save money and gain a more efficient HVAC system. Discover the top three ways that updating your HVAC system can help you stick to your budget.