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Last fall, my boyfriend and I headed up to the mountains of Vermont for a weekend away. We’d both been working long hours and wanted to recharge for a bit, but we didn’t have time to request a proper vacation. We also didn’t want to break the bank, so we chose a weekend getaway.

If you’re feeling the need to take a break and have little money to work with, a weekend getaway could be just what you need. Remember that just because your time away might be short, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be cheap. Consider the following tips and tricks for maximizing your fun and minimizing your expenses….

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

During our weekend trip, we spent the majority of our time outside. We enjoyed hiking on the local trails, rode bikes through the small town, and walked to a nearby park to enjoy a picnic lunch. We stayed in a hotel, but we could have easily pitched a tent and spent the weekend camping to save even more money.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, fill your weekend with the activities that you enjoy most. If you opt to stay in a hotel (more about how to save big on doing so below!), check out what free activities and rentals the hotel offers so you’re not shelling out cash unnecessarily.

Drive Instead of Fly

The biggest money drain on a vacation can often be the transportation to get to/from your destination. With airfare prices increasing daily, you might opt to choose a destination that’s within driving distance for your weekend getaway. While the driving time might not be the most relaxing idea for some, if you choose to look at it as quality bonding time with your family, this small change of perspective could be hugely beneficial to your budget.

Scour the Internet for Deals

For our weekend away, I booked a fantastic deal using the TravelZoo Top 20. It’s a weekly email list of the top travel deals from around the world that I’ve used to score pretty incredible deals to places like Greece, Australia, and even Disney World. The package I booked was at a mountainside bed and breakfast for almost 60% off. The savings on the hotel alone paid for all of our meals, gas, and activities for the remainder of the trip–at a fraction of what we would have spent considering the other ways we maximized our savings!

Other sites to check out include Living Social, Groupon, Amazon Local Deals,  and JetSetter (which recently acquired another favorite, SniqueAway).

Travel During Low Season

Of course, if you decide to book your weekend getaway during a long weekend when everyone else is away from work and traveling, your ability to save money will be greatly limited. You can avoid this by traveling during low season, especially if you live near major attractions or tourist areas. Don’t discount the power of taking off a random Monday or Friday–you’d be surprised how much you can recharge and regroup in just three days!

How do you save on weekend getaways?

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  1. Mark Ross says:

    For our family, we look for deals online and compare them to other deals that we see online and offline. Choose the best of them and just enjoy the trip.
    By the way, those are great tips Jen, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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