Round the World Plane Tickets: Yay or Nay?


As an avid traveler, one of my dreams has always been to take a trip around the world. I’ve spent countless hours dreaming about the various itineraries I could create, where I’d venture off to, and the experiences I’d gain throughout my travels. Usually, these exercises have been more something to inspire myself than actually making concrete plans because life circumstances have been in the way (money, job, housing, health, etc.).

Recently, I’ve been working through a tremendous period of personal growth and my life circumstances have been changing rapidly. Now, I suddenly find myself with the means to truly take a leap of faith and pursue this dream head-on. While this is an exciting reality, there are a few practical considerations I’ll need to make before I jet off into the sunset. Of main concern at this point is the means of travel I’ll employ and how to make sure I take advantage of the various options in a cost and time effective way.

One of the ideas I’m bouncing around now is to purchase a Round the World plane ticket. Naturally, this idea has led me down the rabbit hole of research and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned so I can hear your opinions for how I should move forward….

Pros of a Round the World Ticket

Starting with the positive, here’s what I’ve found to be the best features of purchasing a Round the World (RTW) ticket:

  • Your travel is pre-booked. Pre-booking your travel can give you the peace of mind that no matter where your adventure takes you, you’ll still have your flights booked, and you won’t have to worry about finding things on the fly.
  • Easier Budgeting. When you purchase a RTW ticket, you’re effectively deciding where you’ll go before you get there. This makes it much easier to budget for your trip and to stay within that budget when you’re abroad.
  • Pre-planned. If you’re a planner, you’ll be able to rest easier knowing where you’re headed next.
  • Pre-paid. By pre-paying for your airfare, you can aleviate the stress of having to lay out large sums of money while on the road.

Cons of a Round the World Ticket

Of course, with any positive can come the negative–there are some downsides to purchasing a RTW ticket:

  • Lack of freedom on the road. If you’re traveling for the thrill of adventure and to immerse yourself in the local culture, you might find yourself restricted by a pre-planned itinerary
  • Tourists are everywhere! With RTW tickets, it’s much more common to follow the beaten path than it is to get off of it. Take this into consideration before you jet off–do you really want to be where everyone else is for your entire trip?
  • Missed opportunities. Part of the thrill of world travel is being able to venture off into the unknown from time to time. If you’re not able to change up your itinerary a bit, you might lose out on some amazing experiences along the way
  • Cost of the ticket. RTW tickets are not cheap! Don’t be fooled that this is a cost-effective option–you’d most likely spend less if you booked your own flights.

Based on this list above, I most likely will not be purchasing a RTW ticket.

What are your thoughts about RTW tickets? Yay or nay?

7 Responses to Round the World Plane Tickets: Yay or Nay?

  1. I’d do it but it’s the pre-planned itinerary that would get me down. I like to go off on my own and do whatever I like. I’ve travelled to many places all over the world when I lived back home and I always enjoyed just venturing off.

  2. I’d do the RTW ticket too, simply b/c I’d have no idea where I was going otherwise, and I’m a big chicken. :-). It does sound like a wonderful trip though.

  3. That’s one of our dreams too! Although we anticipate it happening as part of our retirement. But like you, I don’t think we’d buy Round the World tickets. I like the idea of exploring at our own pace.

  4. My husband and I used RTW airplane tickets and it saved us money, while still allowing us freedom to travel. How? I would suggest not booking every single flight but give yourself the opportunity to book smaller trips between countries or within countries. Have a a “flight hub” of sorts – Bangkok, Thailand is a great example of a place in Asia where you can get lots of cheaper tickets to nearby countries.

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