Potential Financial Benefits of Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are a growing trend in the United States. That’s easy to understand — they are highly efficient eco-friendly machines, and can save more money than other heating and cooling sources, especially in the summer months. For homeowners who are concerned about energy costs or interested in a greener home, heat pumps offer a valuable alternative to the more expensive and energy-dense operations of a furnace or air conditioner.    

Heat pumps run on electricity only, significantly reducing your dependence on fuel and oil for home heating and cooling. Furthermore, heat pumps use less electricity than an air conditioner or furnace while delivering a greater ratio of heating and cooling capacity. This is because heat pumps don’t generate heat or cold air. In warmer months, your heat pump transfers readily available heat from indoors to outdoors. In the cooler months, it pumps cold air out of the home. Heat pumps also carry out both heating and cooling in the same unit, so only one unit needs to be installed and serviced.

Heat pumps are also more versatile and adaptive than their heating and cooling counterparts; for example, they can source heat from the ground or from water. Because they don’t use combustion processes to work, they are also cleaner and safer. There are many benefits associated with these high-performance systems. If you are considering investing in a heat pump, take a look at the following infographic, published by Griffith Energy Services, to learn more about how they work.

Griffith Infographic

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