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4 Smart Ways to Save Money for Retirement

There are a million places you would rather be than sitting in your office cubicle, so why aren’t you saving for retirement so that you can finally give your notice and enter a life of leisure? You might not be able to retire at 30, but starting at a young age is the best choice for making sure you can support yourself after you’re done working. If you’re behind in the game, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to catch up. Start making your money work for you with these four tips.

Do You Want to Spend Your Very Last Dollar When Retired?

Here´s an interesting thought for you; do you want to leave behind a big inheritance or would you rather spend your very last dollar while retired?

At What Age Should You Think about Retirement Planning?

One of the biggest and most important investments any of us will ever make is for our own retirement years.

The amount of money you have available at this time will make a huge difference to your quality of life when retired. So when should you start your retirement planning in order to get the life you want after giving up work?

Is it Too Late to Start Saving for a Pension?

Most young people won’t give a moment’s notice to the thought of saving for retirement. Yet, all across the nation, young people are beginning to worry about their pensions. This is because newspapers are reporting, with increasing regularity, on the importance of starting a pension pot when you are in your 20s, rather than leaving it until later.

Are we prepared for the challenges of increased longevity?

Human beings have been seeking ways to prolong life and fight ageing for centuries, even millennia. Be it through natural remedies, medical advances, simple anti-ageing creams or more modern and complex cosmetic procedures, many people do all that they can to look younger and live longer.