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Finacing a car

Potential Pros of Financing a Vehicle

While we would all like to be able to pay for our next vehicle using cash that we’ve saved up over a number of years, sometimes life just seems to have other plans. For this reason, most people end up financing a vehicle. But are there some potential pros to financing a vehicle purchase? Let’s consider a few.

3 Times When a Personal Loan Could Be Useful

3 Times a Personal Loan Could Be Useful

Money makes the world go round but the sad reality is that sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough money to go round. While you may do your best to stay financially disciplined in making sure that your expenses are not more than your income, there may still be times when you experience a season when you can’t just seem to stretch your dollar enough.

How do Logbook Loans work?

If you are trying to obtain finance but have a poor credit history then you may well have come across something called a logbook loan. If you are a little unsure as to what they are and how they work, then take a few moments to have a read through this simple guide.

Can You Still Obtain Car Finance with Bad Credit?

As much as we’d like to feel that life always goes to plan for everybody, sadly this is not often the case. Often times, situations beyond our control can get the better of us, and our credit history can take a hit as a result. In situations like these, many people wonder, ‘Will I still be able to get car finance now that I have missed some debt repayments?’. Let’s try and answer that question.

4 easy ways to improve your credit score

When it comes to the world of loans – be that secured or unsecured – there is one inconvenient truth that holds sway… Your credit score matters. It’s that intangible, beast of a seemingly arbitrary number which dictates how expensive it will be to get a mortgage, or perhaps take out a loan to buy a car, or even to make home improvements.