Make Your Weekends More Memorable on a Budget


When you are trying to save money your weekend can suffer. It is tough to live on a budget and still enjoy the weekends. Or is it?

Thankfully, you can still have memorable weekends on a tight budget if you put some thought into what you do.

Go for a Picnic

Getting out of the house is one of the best ways of having a great weekend. This will let you see different things and get a break from the usual routines. One of the best ways of doing this is to go for a picnic. You are sure to have a park, a riverside path or somewhere else near you where you can do this. If you are doing it on your own then it is a fine way to relax with a book or some music. Alternatively, inviting along some friends or family can make it a great occasion that doesn’t cost much at all. Just buy the basic ingredients from the supermarket and make things like sandwiches and drinks yourself. If you are going on a picnic with other people then ask everyone to bring along something different with them.

Take a Walk

I am a big fan of just going out and walking somewhere. You just never know what you are going to see or who you are going to come across if you do this. I have often done this at the weekend when I don’t have a lot of money. I will usually take some snacks, something to drink, a book and some music with me in case I stay out for a long time. Have a look on Google Maps to find inspiration for where you could go. Maybe there is some sort of beauty spot or landmark near your home that you haven’t yet visited. If you have a friend who is happy to join you on the walk then this is even better.

Visit a Friend

Do you have a friend who lives pretty far from you now? Or maybe you have a brother, sister or cousin who has moved away? Sometimes it can be easy to let months or years slip by without making the effort of visiting them. However, in many cases doing this is a cheap way of making it a memorable weekend. Just look for the cheapest way to get to them and let them know that you are thinking of a relaxed weekend at their place, maybe watching some movies or looking at old photos. They will probably want to come and visit you at some point in the future after you do this, so you could end up enjoying a lot of exciting weekends in this way.

Explore Cheap Travel Deals

If you are lucky you might also find a cheap travel deal. I have to admit that I am often happy just to enjoy a long bus trip to somewhere different, hang around for a bit and then head home in the same day. Sometimes this can even be cheaper than staying at home and having some drinks or buying in some takeaway food. By checking out last minute deals on the internet you can often find amazing prices. Even if the destination is somewhere you haven’t ever thought of going to, you could discover that it is a lot more interesting than you had expected. Getting away from the usual places and the same old faces for a few hours can help to make it a far more memorable weekend for you.

What cheap but enjoyable weekend ideas would you share? 

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