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5 Financial Targets to Aim for in 2017

5 Financial Targets to Aim for in 2017

How has 2017 started off for you? If you have already found that you are struggling to stick to your latest financial resolutions then maybe it is time to re-assess your targets.

Grandparents holding out their arms to hug grandchildren

Britain’s generous over 50s spend £642 million per month on their kids and grandchildren

From trying out online dating to supporting their grandchildren financially – over fifties are becoming increasingly savvy, defying age-old stereotypes about their age bracket. 

How Badly Do You Want Your Dreams to Come True?

We all have dreams that we would love to come true. Personally, I would like to be a famous basketball star, fly to the moon, and breakdance across the Great Wall of China.

Sadly, not all of our dreams are likely to come true. Some of them were maybe impossible to start with but some of them we could have had a go at if we had tried harder (how difficult can it be to learn how to breakdance and then fly to China?).

What about your own dreams? Do you want them badly enough to make them eventually come true?

Getting Your Financial Priorities Right

Have you ever noticed that not everyone seems to have the same priorities when it comes to what they spend their money on?

Ways to Secure Your Future Finances

People who win in the future are the ones who take steps now to secure their finances. No one can rely on income from current employment to sustain them until retirement. People get laid off, companies can go bankrupt or worse things that could render you unable to work can happen. In case of a worst case scenario, you should always have financial means to get through the difficult times. Read ahead to find out several ways that you can protect yourself from monetary disaster in the future: