Is Your Potential Partner’s Bank Balance Important?


Let’s be brutally honest here; when you look at a potential new partner there is a lot to weigh up.

Clearly their physical aspect and personality are the two aspects which are going to be of most interest to you. However, what about their bank balance?

I feel like a gold digging mercenary just mentioning that you might be interested in your partner’s bank account. After all, aren’t we always told that only shallow, money grabbing people choose their partners for their wealth? Well, you might not choose your next partner because of their financial situation but it is definitely something to take into account for the following reasons.

It Shows How Responsible They Are

It is nice to know that the new love interest in your life is going to act in a responsible way in the future, isn’t it? This is the person who might help you raise a family, pay a mortgage and do all of the other sensible things which we do as a family. So what will you think if they haven’t got a bean in their bank account? Are you going to be the person who always has to pay the bills and work out how much is left at the end of each month? Of course, we all have different situations and there might be a reason why they don’t have any savings. However, if they have a reasonable income and live with their parents or in cheap accommodation you would expect them to have something tucked away for a rainy day.

It Tells You More About Them

Someone’s bank balance tells you more about them than just how much money they currently have.  You can tell from this a little bit about their lifestyle and approach to the world. Do they like to live the good life and eat fancy meals even when they can’t really afford it or do they sometimes deprive themselves of treats? By seeing how much someone has managed to save or spend throughout their working life you will get an idea what kind of person they are. For some people the years when they are young, free and single is the best time to save, while others pass through this period without worrying about financial stuff at all. Which approach would you prefer in a partner?

It Shows What Kind of Future You Might Have

If your new partner fritters away all of their money is there anything that would make you think that they are going to change in the future? Equally, if they have far more savings than you might expect for their age and income you might wonder whether they ever spend money on enjoying themselves. Ideally, you will meet someone who has the same sort of financial outlook on life as you. For instance, if you like to save sensibly but splash out on something special every couple of months then you will want a partner who thinks along the same lines. When you first get together with someone this might not be the first thing you think of but it is something which is going to crop up at some point, so it is best to consider it as soon as you can.


It might not seem like a very nice thing to do, but looking at your potential new partner’s bank account could give you more information which lets you work out whether the relationship is going to go anywhere.

Has a person’s financial situation ever helped you decide whether or not they are right for you?

6 Responses to Is Your Potential Partner’s Bank Balance Important?

  1. In my opinion, it matters more on how old you are. If you’re talking about a twenty-something, then I could see allowing mistakes with money or large amounts of student debt to slide. But, at my age, I would probably not marry someone who didn’t have some form of savings.

  2. kammi says:

    Nope. That’s a HUGE dealbreaker for me. Having a little saved is one thing (depends on a person’s income, etc) but I would NEVER go to the next step with someone who is in debt. Sorry. Won’t do it. If we have to progress further, we would have to erase the debt FIRST. If it’s a long term relationship or even for the situation of a married couple, your children see the manner in which their parents handle money (or they sense a fight about money). Part of my ability to hold on to money (besides my own cultivated habits) has a LOT to do with seeing my mother pore over the bills on her bed and account for everything, no matter how big or how small or how much money we had (she also ended up doing accounting for other professional organizations because she was so good at managing money and has integrity). Similarly, my father told me before I attended college that he had a book and would write down EVERY expense. I can see as a direct result today why, when other people have mortgages and debt, they own two houses. These kinds of values are very important for a long lasting relationship and I don’t think this sort of thing is to be taken lightly at all. That’s my my opinion, of course 🙂

    • Robert Bell says:

      That’s an interesting point Kammi. It is definitely worth considering the lessons we show to our kids in this respect

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