Is Your Financial Glass Half Empty or Half Full?


The way you look at life affects how well you do in more ways than you might like to admit. It is pretty obvious that if you are positive then better things are likely to happen to you, but what about in a financial sense?

Does thinking of your financial glass as being half empty or half full make a difference? The truth is that I’m sure it does. The following are a few ways of working out whether you are someone who sees your finances in a positive light or not.

 You See Opportunities Where Others See Problems

When the newspapers and TV screens get filled with stories of woe, what do you do? Do you put your head in your hands and say that the financial collapse will ruin us all or do you wonder what opportunities the current situation could bring you? Many people get rich in times of economic crisis because they see a chance to buy undervalued stock, snap up foreclosed property or otherwise make wise use of your money. On the other hand, if you start to panic and only see the negative side of the economic climate then you aren’t likely to get very far.

You Appreciate What You Have

It is great to aim high and try to earn more money and invest more wisely. However, you shouldn’t ever fail to appreciate what you already have. For a start, you should appreciate that you are much better off than millions of people all over the world. Whatever you have – car, home, savings account, pension fund – these are things you should be thankful for and make the most of. Of course, the more you appreciate the things you have the more you should find that you are motivated to try and get more. If you have set yourself a tough financial target then it is going to take you some time to achieve it. So if you aren’t going to enjoy what you have until you have reached your final financial goal, that can only translate into many years of not being happy with your current financial situation.

You Celebrate Your Achievements

If you had $0 in your savings account last month and this month you have $100 then that is progress and something you should be happy about. Sure, it is slow progress but it is progress all the same. By seeing how you have moved your finances forward in a positive way you should feel happy and ready to keep on doing it. If you want to improve your financial situation then it can be a long hard slog. Very few people earn thousands or millions of dollars overnight. For most of us it is a question of slowly adding a few dollars here and a few dollars there. It might not be glamorous and it might not be exciting but it is the only way that most people can build up their finances.

You Don’t Envy Others

Do you look at the wealth enjoyed by celebrities and feel envious?  Perhaps you also feel jealous of your neighbor who has just bought a new auto or who has carried out work to make his house look better? Envying others because they have more than you won’t do you any good. Instead, you need to look honestly at the good things you have and then be realistic about what you need to improve on. By focusing on your own situation and making a realistic plan to make life better, you can then achieve your goals. Thinking too much about people who have more than you can just end up depressing you and making you feel sorry for yourself. This kind of mentality isn’t going to help anyone. Instead, appreciate what you do have and do your utmost to better yourself.

Do you usually see the positive side of your finances or do you often feel more negative than you should?

14 Responses to Is Your Financial Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

  1. I’m always half full no matter what. Be optimistic and enthusiatic and that glass will fill itself. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely one who likes to look at the positive. The bonus is that my husband is positive too. He is really great at not fretting or worrying about things, especially things we can’t change.

    I think a lot of people could get pretty down about our current situation, but we try to focus on the blessings and push along.

  3. Awesome suggestions. Optimism and positivity always, ALWAYS trump being negative or getting down on yourself – especially in finances. There’s nothing to be gained from beating oneself up over past mistakes, and everything to be gained by learning form them and changing habits for the future. Great post!

  4. I didn’t start out this way, but I have learned to be a glass-is-always-full-in-some-way sort of person. Being positive and optimistic about your finances and your future helps you seek better solutions to the problems you do have, and gives you the drive, energy, and motivation to take action. Hard to be proactive when you’re down in the dumps or envious of someone else!

  5. I definitely see the financial glass half-full!! I agree with all of these and you also need LOTS of patience!

  6. Mark Ross says:

    I always try to see the positive side of things, and I’m also like that to my finances and studies. You can’t get anything for feeling down when things get bad, you can only be optimistic and hope that the worst is over.

  7. SavvyJames says:

    I love the observation that envy is a waste of time and energy. It is much more productive to focus on your life and finances instead of someone else’s.

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