Is Hollywood Due a New Style Share Trading Movie?


Hollywood films centring on the stock market are numerous and notable – we’ve all seen the stories. Bud Fox outsmarted his mentor and corporate raider Gordon Gekko to save his family business in 1987’s Wall Street. In the Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith was a partially homeless man struggling to take care of his son until he finds a well-paying job as a stockbroker. In a more lighthearted flick, Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd stick it to the man when they punish the wealthy Duke Brothers for their heatless playing with lives.

The list of movies revolving around the stock market is still growing to this day, but Hollywood hasn’t caught up to the latest changes and innovations in the industry – namely, online stock trading. If Trading Places was modernized with the latest stock trading revolution it would just be two hours of Eddie Murphy sitting in front of a computer talking to himself. I’d still watch it.

Stock trading was once done almost exclusively by the rich and powerful, but thankfully times have changed. Gradually the stock market started presenting investment opportunities to the upper-middle class, and later the middle and working classes. Part of that is due to online share trading. Anyone can easily open up an online share trading account which allows them to buy and sell shares anywhere they have an internet connection.

Anyone with a decent financial history, enough money to open up an online account (which is usually not much) and an internet connection can access the global stock trade and change their lives.

Although online stock trading takes out some of the elements of the market, such as interactions with stock brokers (you use an online broker when you buy and sell stocks online that replaces a human one. Instead of doing deals through a middleman, you decide and place trades by yourself. If you need a guiding hand, many online services give advice from live brokers to assist you in your trading), it’s a robust system that faithfully recreates the in-person experience and workings of a stock exchange.

It’s tempting to write that the online stock market works exactly like the ‘real life’ one does, but that would suggest some level of distinction between the two. Really, the online stock market is the real life one. If you haven’t explored it yet, there’s no better time than the present.  Imagine how much shorter Will Smith’s pursuit of happyness would’ve been if he had access to the internet.

Author Bio: Daniel Van Boom is a University of Technology Sydney Journalism Graduate and freelance writer.

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  1. Wall Street movies are some of my favorites. Would love to see one focused on the virtual version of trading. Although I must admit, I love the imagery of the hustle and bustle on “the floor.”

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