How to Find the Right Car for Your Lifestyle


When it’s time to purchase a car, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. For instance, do you want a car that reflects who you are, or do you simply view your set of wheels as a means of getting around? Is flash and size more important than limiting gas consumption and carbon emissions? These are the sort of the things you might want to ask yourself as you embark on the journey of purchasing an automobile. Finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle is much like finding the perfect-fitting jeans: the environment/conditions you plan on cruising in dictates what is appropriate, a test-drive is a must prior to making the final purchase, and one size certainly does NOT fit all.

What is the main purpose of your car?

This is a great question to ask. Do you need a car just to get to work and back? Do you need a large vehicle to fit your growing family?  Do you want all the guys and girls to do a double-take when they see you drive by? Does gas mileage matter to you? Think about what the main purpose of your car is and move forward from there.

Types of cars

Sedan. If you are seeking comfort and ample room, a sedan will suit you well. They are traditionally four-doors and have a roomy trunk to fit those golf clubs, shopping bags, and groceries.

Coupe. If you do not need a lot of room and you are seeking a sleek and fun car, a coupe may be perfect for you. Coupes have two doors and less room than a sedan, but are perfect for those who are without children and have affordability on the mind.

SUV. If you seek a truck with extra space and the ability to tow, an SUV is a good choice for you. They maneuver much like a car, yet have a lot more room and power to them.

Convertible. If you aren’t thinking you need a car for practical reasons and you seek a fun, fast, and sporty vehicle, a two-door convertible may be the perfect choice for you.

Hybrid. For the eco-friendly person, the hybrid is probably the best choice, as it uses an electrical system combined with a traditional engine for super good gas mileage. The initial price is higher, but the savings in gas throughout the years will put you ahead in the game plus they produce less toxins in the environment.

What is your price range?

Your price range is an important element when it comes to your lifestyle. There are new, as well as used economical and luxury cars that may fit your needs. Before heading out to test drive vehicles, it is a good idea to sit down and figure out your budget to see what you can afford to pay and what you are comfortable paying.

Too many people spend too much on their cars and kick themselves for it later when they are having a tough time paying the monthly bills. Even though you want a brand new luxury car, it might not be the wisest decision at this time in your life. Take a look at your finances and determine how much money you can easily afford for a monthly payment. You don’t want to strap yourself too tightly. Once you have a figure in mind, look at new or used cars in that price range. If you want a luxury vehicle and new ones are not within your budget, you can always seek a used luxury car that does fit your budget.

Do your research

Before you make your final decision, do some research on the type of vehicle you are looking for. See what gas mileage it gets. Find out what the crash-test rating is. Reflect upon what amenities are offered and whether they are necessary or excessive. You do not have to get a souped-up car if you are trying to keep your price under a certain budget. Take the time to do your homework on various cars and take that information with you to the car dealerships.

You can find the perfect car for your lifestyle with a little bit of research and time. Be patient when it comes to choosing and enjoy the process. Before you know it you will be wrapping your hands around the steering wheel of your next ride and smiling from ear to ear.

3 Responses to How to Find the Right Car for Your Lifestyle

  1. Awesome tips! Too many people shop to look good and not just for what they need! Love the descriptions of the type of cars, it makes car shopping a little easier for those of us who are a little less car-wise (0=

  2. These are all great tips. A car is a big financial commitment and you need to fully understand what you want before you start looking. Having a plan will help you avoid impulse purchases and ensure you buy are car that is ideal for you and also fits within your budget.

  3. My perfect car: a Toyota Camry. Cheap, sturdy, and good-looking. However, even more important is negotiating a better deal.

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