How to Buy Ink and Toner Cartridges Online


These days, hardly anyone thinks of picking up a pen and writing a letter or a report on paper – we almost instinctively turn to our printers to get the job done for us. The advent of cloud printing and networked printers has made it even easier to produce hard copies of photos, letters and documents with a few swipes or clicks. Our printers are a huge part of our work lives and increasingly important in our home and personal lives as well.

For this reason, it’s important that we keep these hard-working machines stocked with ink – or toner if you use a laser printer – so that they can carry on producing sharp images and glossy photos for us.

Choose your cartridges carefully

If you want to look after your printer properly, though, you need to find the right type of cartridge – even if a cartridge is made for machines in the same range, there may be a slight difference that could affect performance. If you’re looking for a regular supply of ink or toner, many online sellers can help you to work out what types of cartridge you need, as well as offer you some good deals.

Your printer is either an inkjet type or a laser model, so you need the appropriate type of cartridge for it, you can’t swap them over between types. Inkjet printers use, as you no doubt have worked out, liquid ink, while laser printers use a special powder known as toner.

While laser printers are more expensive initially than inkjet ones, the cartridges last longer; they’re also faster and more accurate than inkjet, so the on-going costs are lower with laser.

The cost of both ink and toner can, however, be something of a burden, which is why finding a reliable, well-respected online seller is important, especially if you’re watching your money.

The benefits of buying online

Online stores are more convenient than physical stores in several ways – for a start, they don’t have a shopfront, which reduces overheads significantly, allowing the store to pass on these savings to customers. It’s also easier to browse an online store than a physical store because you don’t have to jump in the car to get there and once you’re in, you can take your time. If you do get confused, all you need to do is contact customer services – either over the phone or over live chat – so have your printer’s model number to hand!

Most online sellers also offer customers the chance to buy remanufactured cartridges rather than the more expensive branded ones. Make sure the seller uses a remanufacturing company that operates to the same standards as the original, or you may end up with poor quality printouts and damaged machines. You should also check that the seller offers warranties and has a decent returns policy.

It’s easy to see why buying ink and toner online has a lot of advantages over heading to a physical shop. You’ll get a high quality product that will work well with your printer, as well as knowledgeable advice and some recourse in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

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