How to Avoid Getting the Wrong Job


Looking for a new job is something I have always found exciting. It´s a mixture of the challenge of impressing a new employer and the thrill of a new start that gets me excited every time.

Of course, if you change jobs as often as I have done then there is a good chance that you end up with the wrong one at some point. So how can you avoid doing this?

Don´t Apply For It

The simplest way to avoid getting the wrong job is to not apply for it in the first place. You might know what it is like when you are desperate for a new job and start sending off for anything you find. This is really easy to do with online applications. I remember one day I checked my application history on a jobs site and realized that I had sent away something like 60 applications that day. There is no way that I had found that many jobs that genuinely interested me, so I had obviously just been sending off for anything. The problem with this approach is that you might get a phone call and an invitation for an interview for a job you don´t really want. It is far better to thoroughly check the details and only send off for the ones that you can truly imagine yourself doing.

Be Honest

Ok, so you are at an interview for a job that looks interesting but that you don´t know a lot about. The interviewer then turns round and asks you if you have experience in correlated combobulation techniques. Yeah, sure. I love the darned things. The problem with answering dishonestly like this is that you have no idea what job you are letting yourself in for. It might be the coolest thing on the planet but there is also a chance that all that combobuation isn´t as fun as it sounds. There is also the fact that you are going to have to admit at some point that you haven´t got the faintest idea what you are meant to be doing. It is far better to admit that you don´t have the experience but that you are keen to find out more about what it is.

Don´t Accept a Poor Salary (Unless You Feel You Really Have To)

The salary issue is clearly one of the most difficult aspects of getting a new job. You don´t want to settle for less than you are worth, do you? Instead of accepting whatever salary you are offered, you should have a clear idea at the start of your job search of what you will accept. Of course, we need to be honest here and admit that sometimes the need to get a new job or to some earn some money could be overwhelming. Having said that, if you accept a poor salary then you could end up regretting it.

Ask Questions at the Interview

Finally, the very best way to avoid getting the wrong job is to ask questions at the interview. A lot of people are wary of doing this but it will set your mind at ease and also show how interested you are. Instead of just trying to think up some questions on the spot you should do some research beforehand. In this way you can ask relevant and intelligent questions that help you make a good decision on whether this is the right position for you.

What other tips for avoiding the wrong job have you discovered?

4 Responses to How to Avoid Getting the Wrong Job

  1. I had applied for a wrong job before and for me, that was my biggest mistake that I had made. Every day while I was working, I was unhappy all the time until I decided to quit and find my ideal job.

  2. Michelle says:

    I completely agree with all of these. Only take a “bad” job if you really need to.

    • Robert Bell says:

      I guess there are times when you might need to get a bad job on a temporary basis Michelle but you will want out as soon as you can

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