From Small Acorns Mighty Oaks do Grow


Here I go again drawing on time old sayings in order to bulk out my weekly posting schedule. This saying is one that I really have always loved though, ‘From small acorns mighty oaks do grow’. I’m not sure if this is a real proverb, a biblical verse or if it’s just something that one of my wannabe philosopher friends thought up one Friday night at the bar but when it comes to business, the principle of the saying really does hold true.

Many people at some point in their life have thought about starting their own business, have you?

They may think that they could do a much better job than their own boss at running the company they work for. They may dream of a better life for their family both on a financial level and also when it comes to work-life balance. Or perhaps you have an amazing idea for a product which you feel has the potential to fly off the shelves and fill a huge gaping hole in the market.  

There are so many people out there with so many good ideas but sadly 99% of those people will never achieve their dream of being their own boss or growing their company into something great, why? Usually it’s because they’re afraid of the prospect of leaving a secure job with a regular income and replace it with the insecurity of self-employment and the unpredictable nature of the income stream that comes along with it.

It’s true that when you first start out in business, your earnings will often be minimal. A lot of new businesses don’t even make a profit in the first couple of years of trading simply because of the amount of capital they have to invest and then reinvest into the business just to get it up and running. As a result new businesses are like young trees at risk, subject to the prevailing winds of competition and desperately seeking out the needed nourishment required to grow at the feet of the more established trees around it.

There can be no doubt that those early days in business can be extremely tough as you try to establish yourself as a credible proposition in a crowded ‘forest’ like market but it’s important to remember that you won’t always be the fledgling tree, struggling to stay rooted in the landscape. Remember, ‘From small acorns mighty oaks do grow’. With enough time, determination and persistence your business can and will become established into the landscape. In time your income stream will stabilize and continue to grow along with your brand. Then when you’ve grown to your maximum height you will begin to broaden and expand, reaching into new areas, seeking out new sources of nourishment or income and as a result you will become even more secure due to your varied sources of sustenance.

If you’re considering starting out in business or if you’re currently fighting hard to keep your small business rooted in the ground, in those horrible moments when you feel like giving up try to keep your eyes firmly set on the future. Keep them set on a time when your business will no longer be a small acorn, nor will it be a fledgling tree, instead your business will be a strong well established oak sitting proudly in the landscape.

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4 Responses to From Small Acorns Mighty Oaks do Grow

  1. What an inspiring post! Sometimes I think it’s good to know when to get out, but for the most part you just have to stick with it! I bet a ton of could-be huge businesses never make it because of discouragement.

    • Adam | Money Rebound says:

      Thanks Femme, I think both of your points are true. It’s tough to work out if you’re business is struggling because it’s a bad idea or if it just needs more time and persistence. I just hate to see a good business go to waste when people give up too early.

  2. I gave up on my last blog because it was not growing quickly. This time I am going to stick with it longer and learn from my mistakes (while making more I am sure) and hopefully can grow a bigger “tree”. I only wish I would have stuck with it the first time. I am sure I would have had a mighty flourishing online business. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Adam | Money Rebound says:

      Thanks, I’m sure you’ll make it a success! It’s tough to make your mark in a crowded market but it’s also well worth the effort when you do.

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