Finding Affordable Wide Fitting Shoes


Looking after your feet is extremely important. Studies show that people with foot problems are less able to exercise, which makes it harder for them to stay strong and healthy.

Why a good fit is important

A big part of looking after your feet is wearing the right footwear. If you choose to wear tight fitting shoes, because they are fashionable, you are highly likely to be storing up trouble for yourself. Many common foot injuries such as toes that turn in or bunions are caused primarily by wearing shoes that are too narrow for the foot.

Try shopping online

Despite the fact that people’s feet are getting bigger and wider, finding wide fitting shoes is still not easy. For some reason many shoe manufacturers still do not include them in their range. This is a real shame because demand for this type of footwear is increasing.

However, a few retailers do now offer this type of footwear. Fortunately, for you some of them sell this range online, so you no longer need to live in a large town or city to be able to buy wide-fitting boots or shoes.

Big and small shops

It is those retailers that specialise in selling plus size clothes that offer the best range of wide fitting shoes. Over the past few years, demand for this type of clothing has soared, so they offer plenty of choice for both men and women. Whether you need a pair of shoes for the office, work boots, sandals, or something for a party, you can usually buy them from this type of clothing retailer.

Getting the size right

Before you buy online, it is important to establish what size you feet actually are, which means that you need to measure them. Make sure that you do this at the end of the day when your feet are at their biggest. Everyone’s feet swell slightly as the day progresses.

Because your feet spread slightly when you are standing it is important not to take the measurements while sitting down. Most people have one foot bigger than the other. As a result, it is important to measure each foot.

The best online retailers provide their customers with a comprehensive size chart. They include details of how wide the shoe is as well as the length. Using this chart greatly improves your chances of your ordering the right pair for you, which reduces the likelihood of your need to return them for.

Checking that they really do fit properly

When you try on any footwear you are considering buying make sure that you are wearing the sort of socks that you are most likely to wear with those shoes or boots. That way you can be sure the fit is actually right.

You should also try them on later in the afternoon rather than first thing. This is necessary because your feet swell slightly during the day. Therefore, shoes that feel fine in the morning can end up being unhealthily tight by the evening.

Following these few simple tips will make buying good quality shoes easy, and help you to keep your feet in good condition.

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