Don’t you just love the financial innocence of children?


I’m sure all parents can relate to the fact that our kids don’t half make us laugh at times! Their funny actions, cheeky grins and most of all, the stuff that comes out of their mouths never fails to disappoint. As a blogger this can come in really handy sometimes as it can give you some excellent writing material! 🙂

The other day for example my wife and I were discussing the energy bills and saying that as winter is on the way, we are going to make every effort to keep an eye on how much we put the heating on to dry our clothes, just to make sure that we aren’t doing so unnecessarily and wasting money. As we were talking, the inevitable question came from our youngest boy…

‘What, do you have to pay money to put the heating on?’

I know this might not seem hilarious to the outsider but it really was a funny moment, and it reminded my wife and I of just how innocent and naive children are when it comes to how the world works and more specifically, the basic concepts of how money works. Of course, we explained it to them the best we could, though I’m sure they forget it all again tomorrow.

family drawing money house clothes and video game symbol on the chalkboard

It just goes to show how much financial education our kids need! From the very basic stuff like how much it costs to heat and light a home, to the more lifelong stuff like the importance of saving their money rather than spending it all as soon as they get it. If you’re feeling really brave, maybe you could explain the basics of investing to your kids. At 4 and 6 years old respectively, I’m not sure how much information my boys will be able to take in and process just yet, I suppose I’ll find out as time goes on. As I say though, this little funny moment did remind of just how much I’m going to have to teach them going forward!

How about you? Have your kids had you laughing with their financial or more general naivety and innocence?

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