Don’t Worry About What Others Have or What They Think


Welcome to the first post on I was thinking about writing some sort of mission statement for our opening blog post but if you want to learn a little more about who we are and what Money Rebound is all about, then please look out for our upcoming about us page. For the time being though I just couldn’t wait to get blogging!

Over the past few years since the financial crisis began, many people have seen their finances take a big hit. Whether it’s due to job losses or whether people are just being forced to face up to a debt laden state, cut backs have had to be made by many as their financial circumstances have changed.

A lot of people have finally realised the need for big budgeting changes if they’re ever going to make their Money Rebound and head back toward financial freedom. Initially most of us can deal with the need for change and we’re able to grit our teeth, start budgeting and make the necessary adjustments. As we start to make those changes though, situations often begin to present themselves which suddenly make those changes to our lifestyle seem much more difficult than we at first thought. One big thing that can hinder a needed change in lifestyle is the worry of what others will think and also what they have.

What Others Might Think

If you’ve been struggling with debt and you desperately want to make a Money Rebound, unless you have the option and the time to get out there and increase your income (which we’ll be discussing in future posts), whether you like it or not a temporary drop in living standards is going to have to happen. For some this might be quite hard and it may hurt your pride, don’t let it. Don’t worry about what the neighbours might think when they see you haven’t upgraded your car this year, don’t worry about what your extended family will think when you buy some cheaper presents. It takes a strong person to make the needed changes for a return to financial freedom. Do you remember when you were told as a child that it takes a stronger person to walk away from a bully or fight? It didn’t seem that way to your friends looking on though did it! Well it’s the same with a change of lifestyle. Those around you might not understand or know why you’re doing what you’re doing but don’t let the fear of what they might think stop you. It takes a stronger person to walk away from a life enslaved to debt than it does to carry on with your lifestyle to the point of financial ruin.

What Others Might Have

Although worrying about what others might have may seem similar to worrying about what they might think, it’s actually very different. When you worry about what others have, you’re actually fighting a personal battle with your own desires instead of your pride. We all like to have nice things and it can be a struggle to see those around us buy those things when we can’t afford them. You may start to feel envy toward your friends or even your family, desiring the things they have. Again, don’t let that stop you from making the changes needed to return to financial freedom, you have to be strong. Maybe your friends and family can afford to buy the things you can’t, or maybe they can’t and they’re just creating their own financial mess behind the scenes. If you know that you need to make some changes to rebound your finances, take pride in your new lifestyle and live your own life, not the life of others.

I hope this post gives you an idea of what Money Rebound is going to be about. We simply want to give you the inspiration and information needed to rebound your finances and push on to financial growth. If you’d like to follow us you can do so on Twitter and Facebook using the follow/like buttons in the sidebar to your right, you’ll also find an option there to sign up for future posts by email.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging space. Glad to have you. I really appreciate you mentioning my post. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Pauline says:

    I am honored to be featured in your very first post! (ps pingbacks are not working). Good luck with your site!

  3. Jose says:

    Congratulations on the new site! It looks great and I wish you the best of luck with it!

    • Adam @ Money Rebound says:

      Thanks Jose, it’s a work in progress but I hope to have everything up and running soon. Thanks for the comment!

  4. What a great first post – I can tell already that I like the way you think about money and debt! We learned the above message when we woke up to a boat load of debt that left us at a 65% DTI ratio. It’s time we all stopped worrying about what others think and start paving our way to financial peace! Thanks for the mention, too. Looking forward to reading more Money Rebound!

  5. Cheers Adam… the new site is great! I look forward to what you will bring your fans. Cheers mate I didn’t get a ping either!

    • Adam @ Money Rebound says:

      Thanks Mr.CBB, I’ll try and sort that problem out. Glad you like the new site and hope you have a good weekend.

  6. Thanks so much for the mention Adam and big congrats on getting the new site up & running!

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