Don’t Let Money Take Over Your Life


It might seem strange to find a financial website advising you that you shouldn’t let money take over your life. After all, aren’t we meant to say to you that money is the most important thing in the world?

My mother used to always say that money only really matters when you don’t have any. As usual, she was right. If you are struggling financially then you could find that it starts to become a hugely important part of your life, and a worrying one at that. If you are better off financially it should be easier to avoid it taking over your life, although there is still a risk that this happens. So, how can you make sure that money doesn’t become the focus of your life?

Establish a Routine

One problem with money is that it is easy to let looking after it take up far too much of your thoughts. If you spend hours every week working out your food budget and whether you can afford to put anything into your savings account then you will probably think about money more than is healthy. Instead, you could look to introduce a routine or a system which lets you manage your money effortlessly. If a set amount goes into your savings account every single month then your savings will grow without you even thinking about it. Equally, if you have the same budget to work with every month then it will become second nature to handle it. Agonizing over spreadsheets filled with your income and your outgoings should only really be necessary when you need to find a way to change your finances drastically.

Appreciate the Non Financial Side of Life

Money is great and it can make your life a lot easier if you have enough of it. However, it isn’t all there is to the world. Whether you have a lot of the stuff or not much at all you can still enjoy the rest of your life. Finding time to enjoy the simple, free things should be a priority for all of us. However, let’s imagine for a moment that you are worried about your financial situation. Is this stopping you from enjoying the free aspects of life? If it is then perhaps it is time to look at things in the opposite way. By giving priority to the free, fun things you could be doing then you could take your mind off the money issues and have a better time too.  The world is full of free things to do which are also highly enjoyable but we don’t always take time to consider them as serious options.

Look at the Examples of People You Respect

We all have a few people we respect but what is it that makes them stand out so much? If you take some time to consider the matter I would guess that in some cases you most respect people who haven’t let money take over their lives. This could be someone who has a lot of cash but who lives a simple lifestyle or it could be someone with less money who has found a way of living the lifestyle they want to have. It is far too easy to think that we need lots of money in order to be a respectable, well liked and valuable member of the society. In fact, this has nothing to do with it. As long as you find a way to enjoy your life – with or without a lot of money – you should feel proud of what you have achieved.

Have you ever let money take over your life?

8 Responses to Don’t Let Money Take Over Your Life

  1. “Appreciate the Non Financial Side of Life”

    I find this is really the key to not letting money take over your life. There is so much MORE to life than money, you just have to recognize it and enjoy it. Focusing on other things and free things is a much better way to do it than to just try to not make money matter.

  2. For most people, we tend to have this feeling that we never seem to have enough money whatever we do. I agree with your views here, there is a need for more contentment with what someone has, for a simpler life with less money expenses and certainly for organization in ones finances to ensure one never gets overwhelmed.

    • Robert Bell says:

      It is easy to get overwhelmed or overly focused on our finances Simon. I am sure most of us have done it at some point

  3. I think it is so easy to get wrapped up in the “we need to have x amount of money by now.” It’s good to have some sense of goal or timeline, but we should all be able to take stock in what we have now and appreciate it for what it is- even if we feel it could be better.

  4. Saying that money shouldn’t take over your life is PERFECT advice for a financial website. There has to be balance…..there’s more to life than obsessing about money all day. If you do it right, it actually shouldn’t take up much time at all!

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