Could You Move Back in With Your Parents?


There is one place that most of us can turn to when we are under financial pressure and running out of options.

Moving back into the parental home has become more common in recent years, as economic problems have forced many adults to abandon the dream of living in their own property. Is this something that you could do if you had to? If so how do you think it would go?

The Money Issues

This is probably a good point to mention that I moved back in with my parents for a brief spell a few years ago. It was a tough decision to make but the financial impact was immediate. From spending a few hundred dollars on rent and bills each month I started contributing just a small amount to the family kitty. I also spent a lot less on food when I moved back home too. Of course, to make this a genuine plus point you have to make sure that you do something useful with the extra money, such as pay off debts or start saving. It can be easy to see going home again as a return to your youth. This could mean that you are tempted to spend more money going on nights out and doing other stuff you used to do. There is no harm in enjoying yourself again after a tough period but you will want to be careful not to over-do it. Perhaps you can look on this as a chance to spend lots of nights in chatting to your parents and looking back over old photos with them instead of spending money on trips out.

The Personal Relationships

It can be extremely difficult to once again have a day to day relationship with your parents after a time living away from them. This is especially true if you now have your own family and all move into your parent’s home together. However, it can also be tough to get used to this way of living after an independent spell of living alone. To make it work there needs to be a lot of flexibility on both sides. Perhaps the biggest fear for most people heading home is that their parents will treat them as kids again. There may also be some element of shame about not having been able to make it work on their own. The parents may also be worried that they won’t be able to establish a good relationship with their children again. It is, therefore, important to start off on the right foot but at the same time establish the new boundaries that this relationship needs to have.

Looking to the Future

Most people who move back home look on it as a purely temporary solution until they get things sorted out. The big danger is that the weeks and months slip by without your plans advancing. This is because being back in your family home could see you slipping into a sort of comfort zone. Maybe you will find that you had missed the old place more than you thought and are glad to be back again. There is nothing wrong with this but you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that this is the perfect opportunity to get your finances in order again. Even if you decide that spending a year or so back with your parents would be nice you should make sure that you have a solid financial plan to make these months as productive as possible. In this way you can enjoy this time while setting up a better future for yourself.

Would you consider moving back in with your parents?

16 Responses to Could You Move Back in With Your Parents?

  1. It would have to be a very very difficult time for me to consider moving back home with my parents. My mom and I don’t have a great relationship so it would certainly not be ideal to move back home. Plus, I’m a very independent person and I value living on my own.

    • Robert Bell says:

      I think that independent people definitely have more problems in moving back in with their parents Kayla. I know that I couldn’t do it again now

  2. Considering my parents said we could stay with them for the month between our honeymoon and graduate school but instead kicked us out (with a loan for rent deposit and realtor’s fee) shortly after we got back, I’m thinking the answer is no. We could probably stay at my in-laws because my BIL and his family lived there for about 2 years, but part of why we save so much money is so we’ll never have to do that.

  3. I moved back in with my parents after college for a few years. It was a great way to get my feet on the ground financially, but there definitely were some growing pains on both sides.

    The biggest issue is knowing that you are now an adult. This means helping out around the house and not just mooching off your parents. At the same time, your parents need to treat you like an adult and not like you are still a teenager.

  4. Michelle says:

    I did not move back in with my parents after college, but looking at it now, I wish I would have sacrificed the two or three years living essentially rent free and worked towards paying off my debts.

    • Robert Bell says:

      It’s a tough choice Michelle and I would guess that there are as many people who regret doing it as they are who regret not doing it

  5. I really don’t mind moving back in with my parents, specifically with my mom because my dad passed away last 7 years ago. Me and my mom really have a good relationship.

  6. Alexis says:

    I don’t think moving back in with the rents is a bad thing especially if you are in need of financial stability to get you back on your feet.

  7. Amos says:

    I am not willing to move back woth my parents anytime soon. In my case, it may be hard for them to understand my lifestyle due to age difference. Anyways sometimes you may be forced to move with them depending on the conditions.

  8. Richard says:

    As much as I love my dear old Dad, I think we’d both drive each other nuts if we lived in the same building! I’m not sure what my alternative would be if push came to shove (a friend’s couch perhaps?) but moving in with my Dad would just be too tough on both of us.

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