Could You Afford to Travel More?


Whenever I speak to people about things they want to do more of the subject of travelling almost always crops up. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get away more, they often say to me.

Yes, frankly it would. I get bored when I am stuck at home for too long and I’m sure that lots of you feel the same way. So how can we afford to travel more?

Stay with Relatives

I know someone who travels all over the country and always finds a relative to stay with. To be honest, I’m not sure that I would like to do this but I have to admit that it is a big money saver. Basically, he rocks up to a relative’s house and stays there for free, eating for free at the same time. He says that the chosen uncle or cousin or whatever usually ends up taking him out and showing him around as well, as a sort of unpaid tour guide. When I think about it, the fact that I’ve moved about a lot means that I know plenty of people in different places that I could stay with. However, I just don’t feel completely comfortable with the idea of staying with a relative. The hotel stay is also a big part of the experience for me as well. Now, if my relatives could guarantee me a bathroom full of dinky little shampoo bottles and a breakfast in bed service maybe I could change my mind.

Get a Mobile Home

If there is one thing I have always wanted to own it is a mobile home. I don’t mean one that’s stuck in a park, though. I mean one that is truly mobile. Wouldn’t it be great to get behind the wheel and drive wherever you want to, knowing that you are carrying all of your underwear, dishes and canned meals in the back? OK, so it might not be the same sense of freedom you get from putting on a backpack but it is a lot more practical. These beasts cost a lot of money to buy but I have been told that renting one is a fairly reasonable option. For a family trip that doesn’t cost a fortune this seems like a very decent idea.

Go Camping

Camping is something else I have always wanted to do. In fact, I’ve got a tent in my attic that I only ever used once, and that was to shelter from the rain in my yard while I was making a barbecue. Camping must be great fun but would it mean roughing it too much? There is a new trend called glamping that I really like the sound of. This is a glamorous sort of camping that means staying in a classy eco pod, tree house or similar. This sounds like a fantastic way of spending some time in a new place but it is also typically more expensive than camping.

Work While You Travel

So what solution have I found? To be honest, it is really simple but it has worked for me so far. Because I work on the internet I take my laptop away with me. This means staying somewhere with a Wi-Fi connection and working a few hours in the evening. It means losing some of the time I would otherwise have spent in wandering round the streets utterly lost or torturing my taste buds with new and unexpected tastes but it works for me. The work I do in the evening usually pays for that day’s hotel stay and help cut down on the cost of travelling.

Have you discovered a way of travelling that suits you financially?

8 Responses to Could You Afford to Travel More?

  1. I also think for a lot of people it isn’t just about being able to afford it- but to get the time off. Typically the air fare is the most expensive part- I always find if you are able to take extended trips to cheaper parts of the world (i.e. South East Asia or South America) you can really save some cash. The problem now for me is that post-marriage days I doubt my husband and I will ever have jobs aligned to take 3 months off to travel around (until we retire that is :-).

    • Robert Bell says:

      The time aspect is a good point Julie. Those of us with a flexible working life are lucky in that respect

  2. I think it would be nice to have a mobile home like you mentioned one day- I also think that kind of camping would be fun! They are sooo expensive to buy so I’m not sure we’d ever do it, but renting one would be fun!

  3. A great book that gets to the core of this is The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss! Also, an option is to rent out your space while you’re gone to offset the cost.

  4. I have yet to enjoy traveling that would not hurt my pocket so needless to say, I love the tips you shared. However, my commitment to my work cannot be compromised so for the meantime, as I work on a desktop, I have to save enough money so I can buy a laptop and then plan next for that elusive travel.

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