Could Working Part Time Suit You Better?


The idea of switching from a full time job to part time work sounds an awful lot like downsizing, doesn’t it?

We all tend to have this idea that the more hours we work the more money we earn but does it have to be like this? Could making the move to part time working end up making you feel better about life and earning more money too?

Earn Money in Another Way As Well

It is often said that you never become rich by working for someone else. If you have a full time job then all of your energy is probably going into making a fixed wage. This means that you have a steady income to pay the bills with but do you want a bit more? By taking a step back to a part time role you could free up some time in order to start up a business on your own. This would mean that you have your regular wage plus whatever else you can make. It is a bit of gamble but if the part time wage is enough to live on then it isn’t really an insane sort of risk. If you have always wanted to start a business, run a website, write a book or do anything else then this could give you the time in which to do it.

Save Money at Home

Could you justify working less hours each week by saying that you would save money at home by doing this? If you currently eat a lot of meals out because of a lack of time then this is one area in which you could save money by working fewer hours. Just a couple of hours extra in the house each day could let you cook meals which cost a lot less than you are currently spending.  If you have more time then you could grow your own vegetables and save more. What about if you have work needing done in the property which you don’t have time to sort out? Doing it yourself instead of working full time could be another big money saver.

Work More Intensely

If your job is all about earning commission then it might make more sense to work fewer hours but work more intensely. Do you often waste a lot of time at work because you are bored or your energy levels are low? If so, it could be worth trying the approach of spending less time at work but approaching it with more energy. By sleeping an extra hour or spending an hour in the gym before your working day you might find that you are in the right sort of frame of mind to earn more money in less time.

Feel Better About Life

This final point might not have a direct financial benefit but it is probably the most important of them all. Just close your eyes for a second and consider what life would be like if you worked on a part time basis. Would you spend more time with your kids or enjoying your favorite hobbies? There is no golden rule that says that you need to work 40 or 50 hours a week. If you can find a better way of earning money while feeling better about life then go for it.

Have you ever switched to a part time role? How did it work out?

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2 Responses to Could Working Part Time Suit You Better?

  1. I’ve been working mostly part-time for the past decade. My wife’s been doing the same. It’s worked out great for us. We didn’t embark on this path until our debts–including mortgage–were paid off. For me, working part-time has improved my quality of life and well-being. I have time to live!

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