Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value


We would all like to have a more valuable home but what if you don’t want to spend a lot of money upgrading it? The good news is that there are some cheap and effective ways of increasing your home’s value that are worth considering, particularly if you are thinking of putting it on the market soon.

Paint It

A fresh coat of paint can make any home more attractive and increase its value. If you think that you are going to put the property up for sale in the near future then this is a good opportunity to use the kind of classy, neutral color scheme that appeals to just about every type of buyer. Painting the walls can cover a multitude of sins and make the place look brighter and more modern as well. This also gives you a chance to patch up any cracks or missing pieces of plaster before painting over the area. One thing to bear in mind is that you need to do a professional job if you want to increase the place’s value as highly as possible. There is nothing to stop you doing the work on your own, although getting some friends round to help out can be good fun too.

Smarten up the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house in the eyes of many people. Certainly if potential buyers are going to be looking round your house they are likely to spend a fair bit of their time in this room. If anything here is broken or looks badly out of date then that should be your starting point for making improvements. Apart from that, you might like to think about a good quality tiled or vinyl floor.

Improve the Kitchen

For a lot of people there is only one room more important than the bathroom: the kitchen. This is the center of the home for many people and you should look to reflect this. If there is enough space to add a dining space to it then this could make it look more valuable to future buyers. A simple table and chairs or bench set will show that there is room here for the family to dine, a fact that might not otherwise be obvious. Changing cabinet handles, improving the lighting with a skylight and fixing anything that’s broken are all worth doing in this important room

Convert a Room to a Bedroom

Adding an extra bedroom is one of the best ways of increasing a home’s value. This is especially true if you live in an area that is popular with families. Adding an extension or converting an attic space are big, expensive jobs. However, if you have a den, a games room or a home office then you could turn this into a bedroom far more easily and cheaply. Sometimes all it takes is to add a bed and a small closet to be able to class a room as a bedroom.

Make It Seem More Spacious

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable, spacious house and many buyers are willing to pay more for the pleasure of more space. If your house is cluttered or the furniture is badly laid out then you could be losing valuable space unnecessarily. Simply tidying up and clearing out some clutter could help you make the place look far more spacious and it could also put some extra cash in your pocket too. Don’t forget that this doesn’t just apply to the main rooms of the house. If you have a garage or a basement then making it look bigger and more spacious will allow anyone thinking of buying the property to dream of what they could do in these open spaces.

What else have you done to cheaply increase a property’s value?

7 Responses to Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

  1. Kathy says:

    To spruce up the exterior, we replaced our outside garage and porch lights. The original brass finish had weathered and rusted. We replaced them with black finished ones. Easy to do ourselves and it really freshened up the look of the exterior.

  2. The easiest thing to do is painting. I just took a weekend and did a lot of painting, both inside and outside and the house looks a ton better. I even painted our front door which made a world of difference.

    One other thing I did was add new doorknobs. We had some old ones on the interior doors and the front door. For about $100 I bought enough online to replace them all. Simple and cheap but they make a big difference.

  3. One thing I’ve been working on is curb appeal. When I bought my house there was just a yard of dirt with a few weeds (it was a “flipped” house, but they hadn’t done anything to the yard yet). The yard work I’ve done was fairly cheap, but just VERY labor and time intensive. But since my focus is mainly on finances, I’m ok with that (for now).

  4. dojo says:

    Painting, proper cleaning, trying to free up more space (de-clutter), all are great ideas. You never know when you’d want to put it up for sale, not to mention a better home will improve your own quality of living

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