Can Spending More Mean Earning More?


I was enjoying a very nice cappuccino while reading the book The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende the other day.

I wouldn’t normally bore you with details of my drinking and reading habits but there was a part which struck me as being interesting in a financial sense. If you have never read the book or seen the film then one of the main characters is called Esteban Trueba.

Esteban starts off dirt poor in the book but through a huge amount of determination and self sacrifice he earns a massive fortune. He keeps on earning more and more as the story progresses and at one point he realizes that the more he spends the more he earns. He doesn’t offer a rational explanation for this but it made me wonder if it could be possible in real life.

Take More Risks

I have certainly felt on certain occasions in the past that taking more financial risks has helped me earn more. I ‘m not talking here about placing my entire salary on black or buying 1,000 lottery tickets. No, what I mean is that it sometimes seems to pay to take a chance on something different. If your finances are under pressure then maybe you need to do something different in order to change things. Moving into a new career, moving city or going abroad to work can all work out to your advantage. Not all of these things will involve you spending more on an ongoing basis but it could be that you need to pay out for relocation costs, for some extra training or for something else which helps you to do this. In this case it would definitely appear that spending more could certainly help you earn more. If the risk you take doesn’t work out as well as you had hoped then you might lose some money in the process but you will have lived a new experience and discovered something which isn’t right for you.

Study More

I just mentioned getting some extra training as an idea for moving into a different type of role but it is also worth talking about it in more general terms too. Have you ever thought that by earning an extra qualification you could increase your earning power? I think that most of us think about this at some point but many are put off by the cost or the time involved in it. Taking any sort of course can be an expensive business but it is almost certainly going to be worth it in the long run. Provided that it gives you even a modest increase in your salary it shouldn’t take you too long to recover the cost of the studying. As well as the immediate financial benefits it can also mean that you have an extra skill which can help increase your career options and earning potential long into the future.

Keep in mind that there are more ways than ever for you to study and potentially learn a few valuable skills. You can attain just about any degree under the sun through the internet and many of them will absolutely further your career. Earning your MA in Organizational Leadership with a Coaching Concentration, for example, will give you access to a number of high paying and intellectually rewarding jobs. Additionally, online schools help you save money on commuting and often give you access to professionals in the field. Whether you’re looking to boost your status, career, or intelligence, online schools can be an immense help.

Make a Better Impression

In some jobs making a better impression can mean earning more. The classic example is probably of the salesman who makes more sales because he wears smarter clothes or drives a better quality auto. It isn’t always as simple as this but in some cases making a better impression can give you direct or indirect financial benefits. This means spending some money first of all, as you buy new working clothes or a new vehicle or whatever. This can be expensive but could it move your income on to the next level? If it can then it has got to be worth giving it a try.

Has spending money ever led to you earning more?

6 Responses to Can Spending More Mean Earning More?

  1. I am a firm believer in that there is good spending and education certainly falls in to that.

  2. Kathy says:

    My mom had rental properties in the past and I could never get her to understand that if she spent some money fixing them up and updating them a little she could get higher rents and a better class of tenant. She said she didn’t want to price less affluent people out of the homes but what she ended up with was a bunch of people who didn’t pay rent faithfully, and oftentimes trashed the property. So she had to spend more money to repair them as opposed to making them more attractive and modern.

  3. Mark Ross says:

    Well, I think that’s true for me. I have spent at least $300 dollars on my two sites and I was able to make at least a thousand dollar from them in just months, not year.

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