Are You Scared to Book Your Next Holiday?


I was chatting to a friend yesterday who had not long ago returned from a holiday in Turkey. Before he went, I remember him talking about how much he loved the place and his visit this time was no different. He had a great time and came home with a great tan! Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? To my surprise though, he said that after a good few years of travelling to Turkey for his holidays, this year he wasn’t sure that he was going to be booking there again.

Even though he had already booked the time off work to take a holiday, he was going to wait until nearer the time to make the booking, just so that he could see what the security situation was like in the country before deciding where to book. His feelings on this were also backed up by a news report I was reading this morning, which reported that airline companies are seeing a big increase in the amount of people who are delaying booking their holidays and flights until nearer to the time of their trip.

You can only imagine how the economies and tourism industries of the countries who have been badly affected by terrorist attacks are faring, as people choose to holiday in somewhat ‘safer’ destinations, although it doesn’t appear that anywhere seems to be safe these days. Personally, as we have young children, we’ve tended to holiday closer to home for the past few years, finding some beautiful UK holiday spots. We were thinking about venturing abroad again in the coming years, however. I’ll be thinking very seriously about where we choose to visit now, as our priority is obviously the safety of our children.

So what about you, do your thoughts and feelings echo that of my friend? Are you holding off booking your next holiday until closer to the time, just so that you can see what the security situation is like in your preferred destination? Or, do you instead feel that there is nowhere that is really exempt from the possibility of some kind of attack, and so you are booking your holiday as normal? Or, that if you change your behaviour and delay your booking all because of the terrorist threat, that you are letting the terrorists win the battle on some level?

It’s a very complex situation but it does go to show just how much fear there is out there, and that this fear will likely affect the economies and tourism industries of the worst hit countries of the world markedly.   

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