6 Fast Ways To Earn Money Online


There is no denying that the Internet plays a really crucial role in everyone’s daily lives, day in and day out. Gone are the days when you would need to call your favorite pizza house to have some boxes delivered. Gone are the days when you would need to actually go to your bank just to check how much you have in your account. Gone are the days when talking to a friend who is oceans apart from you would require you to actually write a letter. Now, the Internet does these all for you – and more.

Yet the vast world wide web does not end here. Sure you can talk to your friends who are in Italy or have your pizza delivered to you after a few taps on your smartphone, but have you ever thought of your precious internet connection as a means to earn some real money?

In the event that you have some spare time on your hands but don’t know what to do with it, earning some bucks through the Internet does not sound so bad. The various ways of making money online aren’t usually difficult. Some are easy, and some are challenging but fun.

In this article we will talk about some fast ways you can make easy money without the need to leave your house. You just have to get your laptop up and running, and of course, your precious and reliable Internet connection.

Answer Online Surveys

These days, there are lots of websites out there that will pay you to answer surveys from their clients. Their clients deem consumer opinions as an important way to help them improve their service. Answering online surveys is good for people who do not want to spend a considerable amount of time working online and who are happy with just a little bit of extra cash each month. You can do this as often as you want. It is easy and the more surveys you complete, the more cash you will earn. It is that simple!

Be A Writer

Websites won’t just pay for your opinions, they will also pay for your words in the form of an article. Being a freelance writer requires you to be creative and to be able to manage your time properly, as lots of these websites will have a turnaround time and deadlines are important if you wish to be a writer. The topics vary, so a freelance writer must always maintain an open mind and is always flexible.

Sell Your Old Stuff Online

Look around you. Do you see old things that you want to dispose of to free up some space in your room? Do you have clothes that don’t fit anymore or an old sofa bed that no longer fits with your new decor? Your old stuff can have new owners, the good side to this is: you get to sell them and earn from them. Sometimes it can even be a case of the older, the better. You wouldn’t believe how much people might spend just to complete a collection or satisfy a hobby. In 2000, a Honus Wagner baseball card was sold on eBay for a whopping amount of $1.1 million. Imagine that! So, if you have things that are worth some money, then now might be the right time to start selling.

Online Trading

There are lots of investment types that you can take advantage of online and they require varying levels of skill and expertise. If you are interested in investing in the stock market then you could make some decent money this way, provided you have enough startup capital to make it worthwhile.

Binary Options Trading

Some who have less initial capital have managed to make money with binary options trading. With binary options, however, it is possible to lose more than your initial investment, so be sure to do your research and work out a good binary options trading strategy before you begin. We would also suggest that you try out trading with fake money using a demo account first, before risking your own cash.

Be A Captcha Solver

Have you ever visited a website before that would require you to decipher a scrambled set of letters and numbers to proceed? That is what a captcha is. It looks like certain websites are now paying people to solve captcha images and texts. This is a fairly easy way to earn money but you must solve a lot of images in order to earn some decent money.

Be a Youtube Star

It appears that with Youtube’s initiative, Youtube Partner, you can earn big money depending on how many people view, visit and then engage with the ads on your videos. If you have what it takes to become the next Youtube viral star, then go for it. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to try, right? All you have to do is film yourself doing something that you think people would love. You need people to watch your video and then hope that it will become viral. It can be as simple as reviewing a product or perhaps something extreme like doing a prank on random people at the mall. The possibilities are never-ending; you just have got to be really creative to stand out.

Now that we have shared our easy ways to earn money, it is your time to share yours. Have you recently earned money through the Internet? How was the experience? Would you recommend it to the others out there who are looking for extra cash? I am sure there are a lot of people who would love to hear from you. Leave your stories in the comments section!

Images by Kevin Phillips and Charles Rondeau under CC0 Public Domain.

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  1. Kalen Bruce says:

    Good tips! However, I wouldn’t say writing is a “fast” way. Most of the websites that actually pay their writers directly have a very high standard of what they accept, which means spending some time writing. One of the best ways to make money? Possibly! But not fast.

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