5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient


We all want to live a greener life these days, don’t we? However, the cost of expensive property upgrades such as new windows and solar panels can be extremely off putting.

If you thought that making your house more energy efficient could only be done by spending a lot of money then here are a few simple, cheap ideas to get you started. The planet will be pleased with these changes and so will your bank account.

Use Your Drapes More Effectively

Probably the simplest way to avoid wasting heat is to use your drapes in an effective way. This means opening them when you want the sunlight to enter the house and closing them when you don’t want it or when you want to trap heat in the home on a cold day. In many houses the windows are the worst culprits when it comes to unwanted heat coming in during the summer and the heat generated leaking out in the winter. Another useful idea is to add on some window film or solar film. This will stop so much of the sun’s rays getting into the house during the summer months.

Change Your Light Bulbs

The switch from old style light bulbs to modern, compact fluorescent ones can save a lot of money and cut down on your energy use. The energy saving can be up to 80%, so the cost of the bulbs will be quickly recovered while you do your bit for the planet at the same time. It is estimated that the average US household could save hundreds of dollar a year on their energy bills with this simple change.

Unplug When Not In Use

You have probably seen at some point the scary statistics about how much money and energy is wasted by leaving devices on standby instead of switching them off. It is estimated that billions of dollars of energy are thrown away every year simply because of the use of standby power. It only takes a second to switch something off fully and start to become more energy efficient as well as make savings on your energy bill.

Control the Heat

Another bad habit which a lot of us have is that of heating or cooling an empty house, or of leaving the heating or air conditioning running when it is no longer needed. If you can use your timer so that it kicks in an hour or so before you arrive home from work then this is going to make a big difference compared to having your heating or air conditioning running all day. Many of us also use a setting which is unnecessarily high when it comes to heating our homes. By dropping the temperature a couple of degrees in winter you can save a good deal of energy without feeling the difference. Generally speaking, 68 degrees Fahrenheit should be adequate for you to be comfortable no matter how cold it is outside. Of course, the better the insulation in the property the more effective your heating will be and you may also want to look into upgrading your radiators as modern radiators are designed to be more energy efficient than their predecessors.

Open Windows and Use a Fan

When the temperature rises it is easy to reach for the air conditioning controls. This is one way of cooling down a house but it’s far from the only one. For example, by opening some windows you can try to create a cooling breeze which costs no money and uses no electrical energy. If this doesn’t work then a simple fan such as a ceiling fan can do the job without using a lot of energy.

6 Responses to 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

  1. Modest Money says:

    Out of all utilities bills there are significant savings to be made on electricity bills. Technologies has improved so much that you can get more energy efficient appliances and devices to improve the efficiency of your power consumption.
    Wonderful tips. For the really dedicated, you can always go solar 🙂

    • Adam | Money Rebound says:

      The figures do seem to stack up on Solar but it’s a big initial outlay, something to ponder. 🙂

  2. Mark Ross says:

    Those are really true. Especially, the changing of light bulbs, it’s a very easy thing to do and it can save hundreds of dollar that our family can spend on other things.

  3. I’m in charge of the electricity bill in this house which means I regulate the central air and the lights and try to keep it as low as possible. Our water and electricity bill comes as one and the bill came in the other day at $354 for 2 months which is reasonable for us. I changed all the bulbs a well and tested all the appliances in our home to see what they draw.

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