5 Simple Changes in Your Habits That Will Save You Money


Big changes in our lives tend to come from little adjustments we make to how we go about things. If you need to save more money then here are 5 simple changes anyone can make to their habits.

Keep Control of Your Money

Taking more control of your money sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. Doing this well can simply mean looking at your credit card statements and bank statements every month instead of ignoring them. If you want to take a bit more control then a very simple spreadsheet will let you track your spending. After a few weeks of recording your income and your spending it should be pretty clear where any problems lie.

Use the Library Instead of Buying Books

One of my big expenses used to be books. I love reading and simply can’t resist picking up any interesting looking books I come across. With new books being so expensive I started going round second hand book shops. This is clearly a bit easier on the wallet but can still involve a fair bit of outlay. I then discovered the magic of the local library. Not only do I get the very latest books free from here; I also get to spend hours wandering round it. If you have never been to your local library then I can definitely recommend giving it a try sometime soon. If you are lucky then you will have a big, well stocked library near you that can give you hours of fun on a regular basis.

Use Your Kitchen More

If I am being honest, my kitchen used to be a foreign land to me. I would only enter here to look for cutlery, to get something out of the fridge or to heat up some food in the microwave. After a while I realized that this way of living was hurting my bank balance as well as my waistline. Eating takeaway food or supermarket prepared meals is fine now and then but you really don’t want to be doing it all the time. I started off slowly by making simple stuff like pasta meals and stews. Once I built up my confidence I started trying new recipes. Now I even make my own lemonade, soups and a decent variety of meals. All of this helps me spend less in the supermarket and local restaurants every month.

Read Newspapers Online

Another bad habit I used to have was that of spending money on a newspaper every single day. I used to love getting home, putting my feet up and looking through the stories. To be honest, this was one of the hardest habits on the list to break, as it was something I really enjoyed. However, one day a work colleague added up how much we each spent every day on newspapers and it was a crazy amount for something that is free on the internet. I now keep up to date with the latest news online. Of course, if someone leaves a newspaper lying around at work I will always have a look at it but it’s now a long time since I paid for one.

Walk Whenever You Can

This is one change to my habits I had no problem implementing, and hopefully it will be easy for you too. I used to get the bus to work when I started my first job. One day there was no public service because of bad weather and I decided to walk there. It was a great experience, even if I slipped about on the snow all the way. Since that day I have always tried to fit in a walk to work at least once a week, even when I later bought my first car. It works out as a big money saver in the long run.

Have you managed to change any habits to help save money?

9 Responses to 5 Simple Changes in Your Habits That Will Save You Money

  1. I do all of these, so I feel good about myself now, thanks! A habit I changed to save a little money is taking “navy” showers. Get wet, turn the water off, wash, turn the water on and rinse. Saves on both water end energy to heat the water.

  2. My favorite piece of advice is “Use your kitchen more.” Not only will cooking at home save you money, but it can also be a source of entertainment. I really enjoy trying new recipes and creating new foods….and my friends don’t mind being my taste testers. 🙂

  3. I would read The Wall Street Journal online before work every morning. Then they started to charge for access to some articles. At first, I considered paying, but then I realized that many times, Yahoo and other sites picked up the story and posted them. I could read them for free on other sites.

    If that didn’t work (and sometimes it doesn’t) and it’s a big enough story, I just google the story and find other free content.

  4. Dave Lalonde says:

    I recently read a blog post related to this topic too. But I like to roll my own cigarettes, it’s a lot more cheaper! But my wife and I also share our own car considering how easy it is for us. I’m definitely more of a minimalist kind of guy.

  5. kammi says:

    I love the kitchen one but I do all of these as well. I also keep my spare change in a container and cash it in (I’ve gotten $80 to $90 three times now that way) and I also carry a bottle of water with me everywhere so I’m not tempted to dip into a store (like a Starbucks, etc) to buy a bottle of water.

  6. These are great things that I need to keep reminding myself about. I love the library! Free books are the best. There are also many sites online that offer free books and audiobooks (mostly for older books that are no longer under copyright). Whenever we do decide to buy books, we usually end up checking the library’s book store first. They are usually under $1 each.

  7. Of the 5 suggestions, I find the first one the hardest to do. I keep falling in and out of the habit and I am so frustrated with myself. Nonetheless, I am determined to keep trying and I intend to stay motivated by continuously reading personal finance blogs and writing my thoughts about some. Nice of you to share this.

  8. TCI says:

    Great tips and I agree with you. Another great way of saving money is to shop around all the time. You will still get what you want but at a discounted price. What more you could ask. Always look for savings. For example, my local sushi shop closes around 6 o’clock and they start selling their stock at around 50% discounts after 4. I always make sure I go there after 4. It is great for me and for the shop owner since I am buying her excess stock. Tomorrow she makes everything fresh again.

  9. Using the library is a simple and effective way to save on all your reading desires. Nowadays, they make the savings easier than ever, as you can just use your kindle with them! Just download an ebook through your library, and you don’t even need to leave your home! Pretty awesome!

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