5 Important Business Considerations to Make Before Expanding Internationally


There are many great reasons to expand a business overseas, with one of the biggest being the potential to grow and become more profitable. There isn’t a magic wand you can wave though which suddenly sees your business be a success on the international scene; the reality is you need to make sure you have the right steps in place to help you get your foot on the overseas business ladder.

To make this a little clearer, here are five considerations to make before you expand, to help make your endeavours rewarding.

#1 The Right Locations

It’s unwise to pick any location for the sake of expansion; this needs to be something you research first. Look into the overseas markets and consider which countries would be more receptive to your product or service. Also think about which nations may want to use what you have to offer and if there are any gaps in their markets.

#2 Business Etiquette

You also need to remember that different countries may have different ways of doing business, which you will need to stick to in order to impress. Take this post from Forbes for instance which shows a variety of different rules and expectations across the world. In Brazil for example it’s considered rude to leave a meeting early.

#3 Currency

There are different currencies in use around the world too, so if you’re planning on working abroad you’ll need to be clued-up on the value of the respective currency of that nation. The varying exchange rates can affect your pricing on your items, or the services your business uses, and the last thing you want is to be caught out be a sudden drop in value.

#4 Deliveries and Supply Chains

You may need to find out more about how to move your goods around the world. Say if you were to send parcels abroad to the U.S from the UK as part of your initial supply chain, you may find they have different customs rules and regulations to sending them within the EU. So, it pays to do a little research with this too, or failing that use a reliable courier service.

#5 Further Growth

Lastly, it’s also worth thinking about where you want to go with your business after you’ve expanded. Consider how you can continue to grow and which other countries may be worth targeting once you’ve successful starting working in the first nation you choose.

While these five steps may not all apply to your business, you could still use the approaches that do to help get your business on the way to a successful – and potentially lucrative – international expansion.

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