4 Ways Financial Adversity Makes You a Better Person


Whether they be financial or emotional, hard times suck and I wouldn’t wish them upon anybody. It would be great if we could all glide through life with no worries, problems or cares. As I’m sure you’ve experienced yourself though, life isn’t always that kind and sometimes we have to deal with some pretty trying situations.

If you are facing times tough times at the moment – as hard as it may be – try and look at some of the positive things that can come from facing adversity and use those positive thoughts to push forward and deal with the situation head on. If you’re fortunate enough not to be going through hard times at the moment, maybe you can reflect on times in the past when you have and then think of how they changed your personality for the better. Here are 5 ways I feel adversity can make you a better person. We’ll be relating them to financial matters as that’s what this blog is all about.

Adversity makes you stronger

Sometimes people fall into debt through no fault of their own but most of the time it’s because of a lack of inner strength to say no to things they couldn’t afford. When you’ve gritted your teeth and made your way out of financial trails you will no doubt be stronger mentally, better able to say no not just to financial temptation but also to other things in life that may land you in a heap of trouble.

Adversity makes you wiser

Wisdom is all about making the right choices. As we’ve already mentioned many people who are dealing with debt have sometimes made bad choices or have failed to see the dangers that lay ahead. As tough as these times may be, at least next time you will be able to notice the warning signs and act with wisdom as you move forward with your life.

Adversity makes you more compassionate

If you’ve never experienced financial adversity it can be very difficult to understand the stress it can heap on a person. This lack of understanding can easily lead to a lack of compassion. If you’ve fallen on hard times then at least you will now be able to understand the plight of others who are in this situation and offer them often much needed advice or support be it financial support – if you feel it appropriate – or simply moral support and a listening ear.

Adversity makes you more appreciative

Only when you have been through a tough financial period do you start to really appreciate the smaller and simpler things in life, sometimes the things that nature has given us for free. When you’ve made your way out of trial, try not to forget the simple things in life and also how many people in this world still don’t have them.

Can you think of other ways financial adversity makes you a better person?

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11 Responses to 4 Ways Financial Adversity Makes You a Better Person

  1. Krista says:

    I’ve noticed a theme in a few of today’s posts (from other financial bloggers) about developing an appreciation for the hardships our finances can sometimes bring us. I think it’s so good to talk about looking at our finances as an opportunity to grow because it keeps us from the bitterness that might lead us to defeat or prevent us from moving forward. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Thanks Krista, I’ll have to have a read around today and see what others are saying. I just think the time of year approaching can be tough on a lot of people, especially those in financial hardship, so it’s important to look at the positives.

  2. The part about adversity making you more compassionate really resonates with me. I totally agree that after you have experienced a significant hardship (especially an “invisible” hardship- one that is not readily apparent to others- such as financial troubles), it really gives you a much greater sense of compassion for those around you. It makes you realize that you never know what someone else may be privately going through, and it is a reminder to be kind to others because you never know.

    • Adam Buller says:

      That’s so true Dee! It’s also something we can apply in general when dealing with others because we also don’t know what they have been through in life to make them the person they are today.

  3. Its said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and surviving adversity certainly makes you a different person in your perspective and how you deal with money and people. I can agree, it makes you more grateful for what you have and an appreciation for how far you have come. In a way it also does make you bold, when you consider the journey you’ve trvalled, you know you can do it again if it came to that and that may spur you to take risky but potential rewarding moves.

  4. I definitely think that adversity has made me stronger. Without going through some sort of ups and downs, it’s easy to get complacent. Adversity makes you push through the difficult times.

  5. I like the last one the most, Adam. Going through a little adversity has made me much more appreciative for what I have. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Very good article. It sucks when you’re going through but I believe a truly mature person cherishes the adversities they’ve faced. I recently posted an article on my blog that talks about what I learned during a very difficult time of my life: http://privatequote.com/blog/do-not-give-up-on-your-dreams/

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