3 Foolproof Ways to Motivate Yourself to Stick to your Budget


There isn’t anything quite like budgeting; an enemy, a friend, a dictator, a mirror, the health of your budget can tell you so many things about yourself and the life choices you make, from the minor to the major, the way our budget reacts to our decisions show us where we are, and whether we truly live within our means. Sticking within the confines of a budget we’ve drawn up or formulated in our heads is difficult, even when we’re blessed with free fall of extra cash, it’s hard not to diverge from the path we’ve devised, as long term goals are less satisfying than getting what we want right away, even if we don’t have an exact target. So how do we stick to it, when all other motivation seems to be lost or subject to our own weaknesses?

Where You Go, Your Budget Goes

In the age of technology, there’s no excuse not to travel with a budgeting app in your pocket, keeping you accountable for those extra cents and dollars you slowly funnel away on random dinners, lavish lunches and careless buys, goaded by sales and the need to have the latest innovations, right now. Instead, use your traveling app to set a daily spend limit and apply a few alerts to assure your honesty, recording how much you slash on each transaction, as insignificant as it seems – it will pile up quickly! You’ll soon identify areas of possible improvement and fires in your wallet.

Put a Little Aside For Yourself

There’s nothing worse than the rush you feel when a fresh pay packet hits your bank account and the split second of happiness that passes to a throbbing head ache, as you transfer at least half into bills. Do yourself a kindness and pay yourself a grant to ensure you get a little fun out of life; budgeting is not fun, but there’s no reason your social schedule has to suffer completely. You should never be a slave to your finances, including the limitations of a budget. Live smartly and enjoy yourself.

Go Out, Live A Little But Not A Lot

Before you leave the house, check how much cash you have in your wallet. If it’s more than you need, leave some aside for emergencies and leave the rest at home – if it’s there, you’ll spend it and if you spend it, it’s gone, sending you over budget. Instead of taking a taxi both ways, travel by public transport on the way there and book a cab back, halving the possible fee and allowing you to still travel safely when you need to; and if you’re keen on a drink, alternate each cocktail or mixer with a soft drink or water, taking pressure of what you can afford, while still having a great time. Look on the bright side, at least your hang over won’t be too bad!

Honestly, there’s no fool proof plan available, as people are not fool proof beings – even when faced with logical, irrefutable truths, we dare to tempt fate anyway. If you feel like you need the security of a professional, there’s always experienced agencies out there.

3 Responses to 3 Foolproof Ways to Motivate Yourself to Stick to your Budget

  1. Solid advice. You don’t want to feel too deprived or it will become excessively difficult and your motivation will wane! It’s important to strike a balance.

  2. We are trying to live a little here and there and celebrate when it’s time to celebrate.

  3. I completely agree that staying within budget is one of the hardest parts of taking control of your finances. Getting a budgeting app helps a lot – and it makes the process actually a bit more fun!

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